• EPIC METAL BATTLE @ Sexy Brits!

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    If you love metal,
    you don’t wanna miss out on the
    that will be happening tomorrow,
    Aug 18th from 10am -12pm SLT (6pm UK)
    @Sexy Brits!



    Two of your Sexy Brits DJs will be battling it out and that means
    we will be hearing some crazy amazing metal tunes!!!

    And here is your ride!!!

    Sexy Brits ~ Landing Point

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  • Anachron RARE Staff of Life & Zenith Xiang Mo Outfit

    The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Runs All Month Long

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    ~The Fantasy Gacha Carnival~

    There are quite a few events that I thoroughly enjoy attending and the Fantasy Gacha Carnival is one I very much enjoy. I love creating different looks from the various gachas available at the Fantasy Gacha Fair. I thought I would share a few with you, past and present. The Fantasy Gacha Carnival runs all month long into early September. It opened on August 7th, and ends September 7th, 2016. There are over 100 vendors there and it happens quarterly. The rounds sometimes have a specific theme to them and all the vendors can interpret that theme as they would prefer. I am not certain on the theme this time around but I am guessing it may be an Asian themed round.

    Moon Elixir – Courtesan Gacha

    My first look is from the Moon Elixir – Courtesan Gacha. This gacha is very sexy and very adult. I love this look. All these pieces are from the Moon Elixir – Courtesan Gacha. The exceptions are the bracelets, which are a gift from the Crossroads Event (Artemis Bracelets), the nose piercing, from the Bodify Event (Codex – Anthrax Gacha) and the earrings (Plastik – Kukiris Earrings:// Noir #3) are from a previous round of We <3 Roleplay.

    Intense Stare

    Items from Moon Elixir’s Courtesan Gacha @ the Fantasy Gacha Fair

    I am wearing the RARE Bra & RARE Thong, Arm Cuffs, Anklets, Emerald Top & Skirt and the Choker. This gacha’s items are made exclusively for the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body. And they fit so perfectly on it, no alphas needed.  There are 8 colors in the tops and skirts and an Ultrarare Body Chain. The jewelry and the clothing are very hard to come by, the rest was not too hard to win.

    But, of course, there is always that piece you can’t get in a gacha. This is where you must ask in the groups and see if anyone will take something you have in trade for whatever piece you need. And I usually never have trouble trading what I have for what I need. Extras I tend to sell at a small stall on the EPIC gacha retail sim and at two other locations (all in my profle picks!).

    !dM Devious Minds – Namika Dress, Zenith – Xiang Mo & Anachron Magic Items

    My next look is from the !dM (Devious Minds) “Namika” Dress Gacha made for the Maitreya Lara or the Slink Hourglass Mesh Bodies. This beautiful Kiwi color is a common dress and I love, love, love this color! And, it goes very nicely with the Choker, Arm Cuffs and Anklets from the previous look, the Moon Elixir – Courtesan Gacha. I am still wearing the Kukiris Earrings from Plastik. There are so many color options in these earrings. They only come in one metal color choice so if you want different metals, you must buy a separate pair to get that metal color or the Fatpack. There is also an option to hide the ropes and one side of the skirt.

    !dM - Namika Dress - KIWI @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

    !dM – Namika Dress – KIWI @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

    And one more look I put together for my own blog. I do blog for a few designers and one(Anachron) has a gacha in the current Fantasy Gacha Carnival. So, I had gathered the =Zenith= Xiang Mo pieces I had and I used that look to display the magic wands, staffs and books from the Anachron Magic Items Gacha. The Asian look gave me the idea. So in this look I could only think of calling the first picture of the post, “Crouching Tiger, Floating Mel”.  And some of the poses I used ({Nantra} in this photo) gave me this idea too. I am holding the RARE Staff of Life from the Anachron Magic Items Gacha.

    Anachron RARE Staff of Life & Zenith Xiang Mo Outfit

    Anachron RARE Staff of Life & Zenith Xiang Mo Outfit

    And that is all the looks I have for you today! It’s pretty nice to have so much choice and the looks that I’ve put together from various gachas and even older pieces I have are a lot of work but look great once I am finished. More organization on my part would definitely help! If you would like to see this post, you can find that here. And I hope you get a chance to get out to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and see what is happening. I compare it to a Comicon, you see so many cool looks there. Here are a couple of guys I saw while I was there:

    Amazing Looks @ The FGC - Aug16

    Flickr (1 of 6)

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  • Happily Every After at the Coach and Horses

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    Mickey, Mulan, Jasmine, Prince Charming; who is your favorite Disney Character? It’s time to choose a character and head down to the Coach and Horses on Sunday, August 14th, 2016 at 10am SLT for their Disney themed event!!!

    Owner Dane Finnson of the Coach and Horses Pub has cast a magical spell over London and created a Disney themed venue in the sky as part of his commitment to providing a spectacular bi-weekly themed event. This week’s Disney venue is adorned with twinkle lights, a magic pumpkin carriage, and a fairy godmother, just in case you are in need of a bit of bippity-boppity-boo!

    The Coach and Horses also has sponsorship from some of the London Merchants for this event, that means big prizes for lucky patrons! The Disney event will give away over 15,000L over the weekend! 1250L provided by Chop Zuey, and 1500L provided by Neo Shops of London. In addition, one lucky couple will win a RARE crown and tiara especially made for the event by Ashbourne & Company.

    If you would like to support these generous sponsors you can find  them on the Knightbridge and Mayfair sims.  Chop Zuey is located on the Knightsbridge sim and provides Couture jewelry for men and women. Neo Shops of London is located on the Mayfair sim and sells both casual and formal clothing for men and women. And last but certainly not least, Ashbourne and Company is located on the Mayfair sim and sells fine jewelry as well as stunning tiaras.

    So head on over to the Coach and Horses on Sunday, and join DJ Dane for a little bit of Disney magic in SL!!!! Who knows, you may meet your “happily ever after” there!

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  • Smells Like Team Spirit

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    Mrs. Winter-BearKayleighOn Friday evening DJ Easy Ninetails and Recki Laville hosted a Team Spirit Event at the Sexy Brit, to celebrate the opening of the XXXI Olympiad being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. DJ Easy and Hostess Recki created the event to encourage everyone to get into the Team Spirit and celebrate a World event that includes 205 countries and 11,178 athletes . To kick off the competitive revelry DJ Easy challenged everyone to request tunes that could be linked to a sporting event. If they were British, they scored for the home team – all of the other countries were, of course, visitors. At final glance Britain had won with a 9-4 lead. Mrs. Winter-Bear-Allen (heartbreakerangel0) won Most Inventive Sporty Tune Request with “Snap – The Power” from “It’s Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor’s” walk on tune. For those of you who may not follow Dart Throwing competitions, Phil is a 16 time World Darts Throwing Champion.

    The first thought that crossed my mind as I walked into the club, was that It looked as though the Sexy Brit field team had spent most of the morning laying Astro Turf to transform the dance floor into a lovely carpet of green shag and white lines. Dancers donned their favorite sportswear for a chance to win Best dressed in Sports kit. The first place winner for best dressed went to Kaуlєιgh Ŧгoştbιtє βĔĂŔ (kayleigh.frostbite), who also had a very cute booty dance to show off her bright blue booty shorts.

    Hostess Recki invites everyone to attend their weekly retro events on Friday’s at 2-4pm SLT.  Next week’s theme will be Mods and Rockers, so search those inventories for your favorite A-line dress or black leather jacket and head on over for some friendly banter and classic tunes.


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  • Move! on over to the Sexy Brit!!

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    DJ RSD Darkfold and Host JAS

    Wednesday afternoon I found myself walking past the Sexy Brit and decided to stop in and enjoy some of DJ RSD Darkfold’s wicked sounds and try out some of my new dance animations from MOVE! DJ RSD Darkfold and his Hostess JAS did not disappoint. The music was HOT HOT HOT and there was some very interesting conversation going on in local involving playboy knickers. I would share the conversation but I fear it would lose something in translation. I have to say that my new Leni dances are smooth and natural, I absolutely love them!!! I purchased some at different speeds and added them to my Firestorm AO and I can easily switch them based on the tempo of the tunes.

    How does Move! make their dances look so realistic? Move! uses motion capture technology (MOCAP) so your dance moves are actually movements from real life professional dancers. They have different styles including RnB, funky, groove, girly, sexy, self confident, techno, freestyle, slow, cool, and so much more. I can honestly say, once you go MOCAP you won’t go back to standard animations. The difference is quite incredible.



    Move! also has some table animations that are very realistic if you have a club or venue and you want the best stand animations for your patrons, I recommend these amazing stands.  You could also use this table on your back patio at home. And lastly, Move! also graciously gives out some free dance animations, so make sure you stop by and pick those up, there is something for everyone at the Move! store in London!

    I hope to see you MOVE! at the Sexy Brit, real soon!


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