• Live Singer – Veronica Westler plays London

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    Veronica Westler’s Star Performance

    Veronica Westler visited the London sims yesterday and wowed the audience with her powerful soulful voice.  The audience cheered while mesmerized by her original blues songs.  She said she loved the atmosphere on our event field and the friendly reception she received, and she loved it so much so that she is to return next month on the 6th.

    The hour passed far too quickly as she filled it with funny and witty banter while she related real life and second life experiences that inspired her original lyrics.

    Veronica Westler

    London Events Field with Veronica live


    About Veronica

    Veronica Weksler aka MsJAMZ or Vee, as she is known to her friends here on Second Life, sings Standards, Gospel, Blues, Jazz, R&B, some Rock & Ballads.
    As a Seasoned Performer in Second Life, she has been playing piano & singing since she was three years old.  Having been born into a musical and very talented family, it was only natural that she has the talent plus an excellent ear for music.

    Singer Veronica Westler

    A wonderful Evening


    It all started in South Dade

    Dade County is  known as the end of the Bible Belt and is where she started singing Gospel…
    As she was growing up her love for Traditional as well as CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN ROCK songs grew over the years.
    She, also has also participated in Children and Adult Choirs with a very strong Music Ministry.

    Since learning to play piano about the age of three, guitar at 12 and percussion instruments, Veronica has been singing in bands and Church Choirs all of her life.
    She was a Contemporary Christian Rock Singer in real life, Musician and song writer and has included a variety of Originals & Covers in her show.

    Veronica Westler Home County

    Dade County in Florida


    More of Veronica

    Don’t miss the chance to hear her singing LIVE. She has originals & covers you like!
    She has a very Unique Voice, one that you will hear , never forget and leave you wanting more… Even just to hear her say hello or call you friend.

    Check out the Event Calendar for more exciting entertainment now:


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  • Solstice Pride Verdict – Blazing Glory

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    Solstice Pride Blaze All Night

    Solstice Pride Night – WOW what an evening.

    The Verdict
    What a mix!

    What a variety!

    What a bang!

    Solstice Pride

    Pride starts with a bang


    DJ Lusty with Best in Pink Pride

    DJ Lusty really popped her cherry and opened the event. She did London proud with an eclectic mix of popular show tunes and 80’s pop and
    created a fun atmosphere with lots of audience banter.
    During the event, fancy dress was ‘best in pink’ and what a lot of pink hotties there were!Everyone wanted the prize and wanted to win the competition. Boy did we turn the greenest event venue on the Second Life grid a bright fluorescent pink!
    The winners all won in style with their ‘out of this world’ costumes. A popular regular to the hub, George, won a house for a week, and several others won even more cash prizes at this massive prize scoop.

    This 2 hour DJ event includes lighting of several bonfires.

    Solstice Pride with DJ Lusty

    DJ Lusty popping her pink cherry


    The Solstice of Bonfires and Pyro Wizard Wiccy

    The lighting of several bonfires and toasting (and burning) of marshmallows whilst listening to DJ Lusty doing requests saw out the end of the longest day for the summer solstice.

    After the bonfires everyone retired to comfy cushions round the fire pit to watch over an hour of fantastic fireworks by pyrotechnic wizard Wiccy.
    Everyone experienced a real sense of community as they all chatted, swapped jokes and oooohhh’d at the fireworks.

    Passers by came and sat with the group, and all shared a thoroughly excellent night of fun, friendship and fireworks.

    DJ Wiccy at the Solstice Pride

    DJ Wiccy supports America

    Next Events

    While everyone enjoyed this event, there’s a lot more where that comes from so check out the next event to attend and make your own. Performance, prizes, pleasure, partners, and parties.

    Check out more entertainment on London’s event calendar now:

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  • Pride in Pink with an evening of Solstice

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    Pride at Summer Solstice

    Today is national Pride day. Britain is getting it’s best rainbows out and London celebrates diversity coming out of the closet everywhere.

    Come on down to the Original London event field tonight for a wild Pride disco, fantastic prizes for best in pink, free giveaways and the best in sing along and dance music from a brand new never seen DJ who is exclusive to the Original London.

    After Pride celebrations, we slow down the beat and move into the Summer Solstice. With a massive bonfire celebration, London sees out the longest day in the year.

    Ready for Pride

    New Pride DJ

    Time: 10-12AM SLT (6-8PM UK time)
    DJ : Lusty
    Host : Small

    This great event starts at 10-12 SLT with DJ Lusty on the decks. It’s her first time here, so she’s a London DJ virgin. Help her pop her pink cherry in rainbow style.
    Wear your best pink or rainbow outfit and be “Best In London Pride”. Get your glad rags and drags out to take part in this event. Come to see the great outfits as well and choose your own favorite.

    Pink Pride

    DJ Lusty at her decks

    !! Pink & Rainbow !!

    Win Prizes here. Prize includes a weeks free ownership of a house with one of the most exclusive London addresses on the grid plus great cash prizes!

    The Greenest event venue on the grid will be turning pink with pride tonight. The normally tranquil ambiance of Hyde Park will be split asunder to the sounds of frivolity, music and mayhem as show tunes, 80’s and 90’s pop and down right jolly tunes.

    Pink Power to your wrist!

    Longest Day Solstice

    From 12 noon SLT onwards (8pm UK time) to deep into the night..

    Listen to DJ Wiccy on the decks and join the fun with his form of entertainment. Watch the Wiccans dance around the bonfires or even join them in their celebrations.

    We will be turning the event field in London from pink to red with flames from the bonfires to see in the summer solstice. Bring marshmallows and a stick (be careful with the stick)!

    Solstice and Pride

    DJ Wiccy ready to see the solstice in


    Check out the Schedule for what else is on:


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  • Phemie Alcott

    Phemie Sang Live @ Hyde Park!

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    Live Singing

    Phemie Alcott

    It was a beautiful day for a live event in Hyde Park Friday. With Kings & Queens well on its way for the month of June, what better way to continue the festivities than to have Phemie Alcott sing for the London Community.

    Live Singer Phemie

    Singing folk indie/rock songs, along with a few covers, she had London on their knees, transfixed to her amazing voice.  Although it was only an hour long, i’m sure everyone could have sat there all afternoon listening to her. On behalf of London and its community, we would like to thank Phemie for coming out . We can’t wait to hear you again!!!

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  • Our First Crown Hunt Winner!!!

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    Wk 1 Winner

    Congratulations goes out to Tanoaj who scored a massive 3712 crown points this week!!! 2nd Place goes to Salta and third place goes to Javiera. Thank you to all who participated this week. Board will be renewed on Saturday for another chance for someone to win!!

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