10 Reasons why we love Hyde Park!

July 10, 2014 • Culture & Community, News, People, Second Life, Tech & Gadgets

Why we love Hyde Park!

If this is your first time in London, you need to know the Hyde Park! That’s why we show you how in this special article “Why we love Hyde Park”!

Hyde Park

New User Experience

1. The Newbies don’t get lost!

If you follow between the orange and red dolls, you’ll find a maze full of tips to teach you rules, trivia and tips about London and Hyde Park.

2. Has a unique shop full of freebies!

Follow the green and find the store. Great for newbies and older sims!

3. Play something!

Around the center circle of the Park, you can find a Kissing Booth, or else face an Arm Wrestler, Fishing, or maybe play chess and other games!

4. Feel free to dance!

The music is high, only you take it in the best way by clicking on the globe that sits on your head!

5. Sit back and enjoy!

Throughout the Park, you have the possibility to sit, in seats or comfortable puffs, and admire the beauties of nature.

Ride a bike around Hyde Park

Ride a bike around

6. Take a look around!

You can pick up a bike in Hyde Park and walk around looking at all the beauty of this park, that inspires us.

7. Have a great Picnic Time!!

Are you hungry? Are you sure? So there’s no problem! At Hyde Park you can enjoy snacks near the big lake, which in addition to delicious and romantic that give you a wonderful view!

8. Have a healthier life!

Put on your best gym clothes and enjoy the delicious weather for running, skating or use your bicycle.

9. Participate in special events, among them the World Cup!

This incredible place is host to many parties, festivals and now receives the World Cup! You can check out the games like Brazil vs. Germany, a confrontation between South America and Europe. Stay tuned to our site for the finals.

Make a lot of new friends in Hyde Park

Make a lot of new friends

10. Make a lot of new friends!

Every 10 users from Hyde Park, about 8 say they love to make friends here. Here you can find great people, who love to talk and help visitors to London, and also the park receives sims from all over the world. That is, if you want to know Japanese, Turkish, Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, among others people, this is definitely your place!

There are 10 reasons why we love Hyde Park, and why you should know it already! According to RedfoxMandy, a frequent assiduous user of this place, the Park is an interesting place, from interesting people, “I chat with others here and I walk around looking at stuff, she adds. Weaky Deluxe, another interviewed, also has an opinion very much like RedFoxMandy, “Here I meet beautiful people and this place it’s not the boring than in other places in the world”.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park Hub

So, we conclude that, if you’re new to the Hyde Park, doesn’t know what you missing! #ComeToLondon

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