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DJ Kief at 2012 club

Saturday night at the 2012 club saw DJ Kief stepping up and into the DJ Booth at 2012 after a well deserved weeks break from the hustle and bustle of the virtual world and spending time with his family for Easter.  This his first night back got off to an early start with a crowd already waiting for the party to start, so kief jumped on the decks a full 30 mins early and people began to arrive.

The theme was “wings” and with the help of a free box of wings on the stage and the help from dzwomble and pyp to get the setting correct, the hostess Jasmine started bringing them in by the taxi and bus load.  Most had their wings on but even the new people to SL were soon displaying a fine set of all kinds of wings from butterfly’sfairy’s to devils and angels, every shape and colour imaginable, even Kwizzee who normally can be found swimming away in Hyde Parks lake as a mermaid, had dried off her tail and put in her high heels to join us at 2012 in a fine set of translucent fairy wings.

London that night had lots to offer the visitor, at least 3 other venues were also holding events concurrently at the same time, The lovely coach and horses had already started their event, the coazy, small yet perfectly formed pub the Greyhound started there’s at the same time, as did Phillys Bar, where people often just drop by, or listen to live music,  all had something going on and Londoners were spoilt for choice.  

Despite this the 2012 club had upwards of 60 people and their wings flapping about on the dance floor to the DJs awesome tunes, not one person had to visit the eye hospital, even with 120 wings flapping around.  There were some problems with the couples dance balls and machines not working, but this is being looked into by the team of highly specialised mechanics employed by London for such catastrophes, ie Debs. 🙂

The event finished at midnight but people still didn’t want the music to stop, so DJ Kief held an after event party, if we had doors id have called it a lock in, but we don’t lol, so its even more impressive that some 30 – 40 people stayed back and refused to leave and requested yet more songs from the DJ.  We carried on till 1am and beyond, when i finally collapsed and had to climb into bed.

Thanks guys for yet another great night at the 2012 club, and see you again  tonight with DJ Vox at the controls.

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