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Opening Night @ 2012 Club

Opening night at the 2012 club
We had already had two trial nights that were, shall we say chaotic to say the least, although still great nights once they got going, but Friday the 13th was the “Grand Opening” of the 2012 Club in Hyde Park London Uk.
                                                                     Despite the date the night got off to a great start with DJ Declan and Hostess Donna yet again stepping up to the breach and offering their services despite just having done a successful event at the Retrograde Venue where the theme was “Cowboys and Cowgirls”, this is why I, your mild mannered Janitor came to be dressed as a Cowboy Lego character.  ( See the pics )
Joe hunting down Maf for a kiss!!
The theme for the opening night, after much discussion, was “Best Dressed Avatar”,  and the patrons visiting didnt dissapoint.  There were all kinds of interpretations of this theme, from glitzy tuxedos, ball gowns with sparkling jewelry and sequins to great smart trendy dance outfits.  At one point for reasons far too complex to go into here, the little Lego man had to go hunting someone called Maf, and give him a stubble burning kiss.  Whilst hunting him (yes him) down I saw hundreds of pairs of High heels and eventually got stood on and crashed, just as I found Maf,who escaped the kiss! Lol
Declan on the Decks
The night was a great success and at one point I believe we hit just over 90 avatars all dancing away on the dance floor to Declan’s great tunes, Donna had done a great job at pulling them into this amazing looking venue that still makes me smile everytime i see its beautiful sculpted roof, and bird nest designed DJ booth.                     Not only was the dance floor packed and even the surrounding area of the venue, but the V.I.P area also had many people sitting backstage enjoying the music and some fun whilst relaxing and having a well deserved rest of their virtual feet.
Well that was the opening night, now onwards and upwards with Saturday event coming along fast, with DJ Kief on the decks after his much enjoyed I’m sure rest.  Why not come on down and win some Lindens whilst having some fun, and don’t forget, the venue is often full of people just sitting and chatting throughout the day, come and have a sneaky look and a coffee before the big event itself.
See you there,    Joe Noir  ( the Janitor)  

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