LKR Glow comes to Virtual London

February 15, 2017 • News

Walking around the streets of London, you’ll come across many shops selling all types of items, catering for all sorts of users. Our shops range from the sophisticated to cheeky and LKR Glow is no exception in that department.

However, you may not realise that most merchants here have a rich history in the ever expanding grid we know and love.

Today we look at one of those shops.

LKR Glow originally started out as “Lokirat’s” later changing to “Lokirat’s place” and has recently updated to “LKR Glow” to reflect the Virtual Rat’s joy at her glorious new home on the grid. Also a friendly greeter, you’l see her smiling and waving in our lovely hub.

Speaking to Virtual London News today, she gave us some insight into her history of shops and the evolution that took place.

“At first I wanted a small shop where I could showcase my art, which developed into experimenting with making mesh toys. I didn’t have much to sell or much of a prim allowance in the beginning, so I focused on making the decor colourful and bright as possible. I was often stopped whilst working on the look of the shop, by visiting furries, scalies and humans alike, making good friends and taking suggestions along the way.”

In 2015 Lokirat became an affiliate of Furry Fashion, a clothing brand she cannot be seen without on her Avi.

“When I discovered I could become a seller for Furry fashion, It expanded my range threefold. Their prices are really decent compared to many mesh clothing ranges out there, and super cute, so I had to show off the great quality and value of my favourite brand, all combined with my super colourful shop style in the most loved sim in second life.”

Moving to our ever popular Hyde park last year, LKR Glow has gone from strength to strength since, and has the biggest range yet of products for you to browse, from male and female apparel to handmade decor for your home and more. If you need a smart suit, a pretty dress, some jewellery or rave gear LKR Glow has it.
Just yesterday Loki sent me a private message to announce the new look to her beloved store, and I couldn’t help but race over and have a peek. I’m not going to spoil it for you completely, but here’s an external snapshot to tempt you with. I totally recommend having a look for yourself.

Visit LKR Glow with this SLUrl



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