2 Massive Easter Weekend Parties in the London Sims by Jas (Blog 253)

April 23, 2014 • Entertainment, Music, News, Romantic

Hello faithful blog readers! Did you miss me?

My old laptop decided it wanted to only show me half a screen which made picture taking and blogging impossible. But the good news is I have a brand new shiny laptop with loads better graphics , so my pics will be better quality- yay!

So, back to business..

Over the Easter weekend we had two massive parties in Hyde Park in the London Sims.

The first one, on Saturday the 19th, was a homage to U2  by the TDDI Tribute Band.
 photo Snapshot_052_zpsa209ccc0.pngU2 montage (Pop style)

2005-10-10 U2 @ MSG by ZG photo Snapshot_049_zps849aa81a.png
“See the world in green and blue

Hyde Park, London stretched out in front of you
Berlin, Rome, Paris, France
Philadelphia, this is not romance
Moscow, Toronto, Tokyo
Africa, we’re coming home
See the bird with a leaf in her mouth
After the flood all the colours came out”    

Beautiful Day (lyrics sung by U2 at Live 8 in the RL Hyde Park)

 photo Snapshot_033_zpseb77f903.pngThe Edge

The Edge (above) and Bono (below) in SL and RL.

 photo Snapshot_023_zps00e05378.pngBono U2 360 Tour 2011

“I want to feel sunlight on my face

See the dust cloud disappear without a trace
I want to take shelter from the poison rain
Where the streets have no name.”  –  Where The Streets Have No Name by U2

 photo Snapshot_022_zps780933af.png

 photo Snapshot_034_zpsc22adb70.png

“Through the storm we reach the shore

You gave it all but I want more

And I’m waiting for you.”  With or Without You by U2

 photo Snapshot_040_zps64cfd09d.png


Then, on Easter Sunday, it was not just time to dress up in bunny ears,but also..

 photo 20thapril_051_zps4b6fd442.png photo 20thapril_015_zpsc33fba96.png


…to celebrate the 10th Rez Day of our great and glorious leader Jason Keegan!

 photo 20thapril_054_zpsfacf265e.png

 photo 20thapril_049_zps60f8849d.png photo 20thapril_009_zpsd00b29be.png
My avatar Jas spent a lot of time next to the cake – and other types of eye candy!

 photo 20thapril_011_zps9b86533c.png

Balloons-ajThe man himself had immediately stripped down to his boxers!

Anniv troix photo 20thapril_038_zps287643b0.pngAnniv troix

And, after too much cake, it seemed that I was enjoying myself  far too much!

 photo 20thapril_020_zps3cdeafd8.png

The gorgeous Destiny(below) – Jason`s wife in RL and SL) was DJ for half of the party.

 photo 20thapril_012_zps413aace7.png photo 20thapril_024_zps7948bd8d.png
 photo 10years_zpsd9ec4b8f.pngJason Keegan(above, right) is, after 10 years, a true oldie of SL!
 photo 20thapril_006_zps959d47e9.png

After enjoying the trippy floor, DJ  Draconia (below, right) was on the decks later.

 photo 20thapril_056_zpsd833406e.png photo 20thapril_046_zps602f872e.png

There were some familiar faces as old London Team members came to party, too.

 photo 20thapril_028_zps18b9595b.png

And massive congratulations  to the lovely Jayde and JB who also tied the knot today!

 photo 23rdapril_010_zps8b1cf169.png

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