2012 club brings Blondie to London Hyde Parl

April 30, 2012 • News

Sunday was Wet wet wet in the Uk, but that particular band wasn’t playing, Blondie was!!, well almost. 🙂  Bad Ampitude a great Blondie tribute band was shuttled across the Atlantic to play a gig in London’s Hyde Park.  We had hrs. of great 80s tunes to keep the crowds happy, first as a warm up act for the main event we had DJ Vaan, mixing some amazing blasts from the past, and taking me, Joe Noir straight back to High School, and I’m sure many others with hits from all over the 80s.  New and regulars to 2012 turned up, and once they got going they didn’t stop, churning up the lawn with their 80’s heels and Doc Martins whilst dancing and laughing at the great 80s fashions all around the Park.
          Then came on Bad Ampitude, and straight away into the Blondie repertoire, everyone shouting out the Lyrics to favourite songs we hadnt heard for many years, The time soon went by and the field filled up, with even Debs helping out with the Hosting and Crofty who had his 2nd Birthday by the way yesterday ( Happy Rez Day Crofty) singing away and helping brand new members to SL and 2012 enjoy the music.

 All too soon 2 hrs had rushed by and it was tine for the Band to come off stage, but it wasn’t the end of the 80s just yet. Into the 5th hour of music and up steps Vox, with his amazing West Coast US accent clear as day over London Virtual Radio and broadcasting to the masses yet more tunes from the 80s, whilst Hostess Cazz helped out and took on crowd control with Crofty, who was still here, dancing and Jumping away.  Time and time again people shouted out “ohh I remember this one” and “he was sexy” or “this was my first single i bought”, remember the vinyl 45s???  Whilst we enjoyed Voxs voice and his tunes conversation turned to the videos and and diverged to TV and Film from the 80s.  A great 6+ hours walk down memory lane, with thanks to…
Bad Ampitude and Blondie,

and many many more all making 2012 and Hyde park a great place to be and enjoy whilst outside the weather kept on raining.

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