5 Breaking Bad Characters now found in London

May 26, 2015 • Culture & Community, News, People, Second Life

Breaking Bad Bleeds into London

Just when you thought it was safe to come out from behind the sofa.. Breaking Bad comes to London.

Here’s a few of the characters that escaped from the film set and arrived in London.



1. Bigga is Jesse Pinkerton, creative party animal

Always the ‘good guy’, he’s creative and dabbles in making things out of bits and pieces. Blue Meth is Jesse’s alternative to Bigga’s London buildings, creating perfection from raw materials. A party animal too, Bigga loves nothing more than a good old knees up.


Breaking Bad



 2. Debs is Skylar White, the mother who will do anything to protect her family

Ruthless to the core, she’s your friend, but make sure you don’t attack her baby. If you do, be prepared for the result. She wants everyone to get along, but if they don’t she’s not shy about casting out the trouble makers. Usually involved with he more mundane side of things, Debs’ is often found doing housework like ‘washing the dishes’.
Breaking Bad



3. Sunshine is Marie, loves to shop and determined to cure apathy

Sunshine is always positive. She helps out tenants, generates vibes on Facebook and other social media and shops! She never stops, she has her own shops and helps out with other people’s stores too. She set up two show homes in London and ran the greeter program before it was changed. She has her eyes open for bad boys and deals with them in her own style. If you need a cure – sunshine is the girl for you.


Breaking Bad




4. Better Call Sor

Got a problem? Shop needs a new interior? Need to find out how to pay a rental box? Got a griefer in the Hub? – Better call Sor!

Sor’s London’s problem solver. He’s an admin whiz who should have been a lawyer. Never mind – he can practice in London instead. He’s firm and fair, like the rest of the team and is often one of the first at the scene. In a jam? Back against the wall? – Call Sor!


Breaking Bad


5. Jules, London’s Entertainment Queen

Jules has always been one of the best Entertainment organisers in Second Life. She’s been part of the London scene since before I can remember. Entertainment is her thing. Her Geordie accent is often heard giggling in the hub and looking for fun. But don’t push her – there’s a hard edge where fun turns into abuse and you won’t get away with it with Jules.


Breaking Bad





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  1. Sun ( I know debs ok !) says:

    Love the article , come say hi or if you haven’t been come to London we are waiting to meet you 🙂 x

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