50 Shades of YAY come to London!

March 1, 2017 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Music, News, Second Life

50 Shades of YAY Throughout March

50 Shades

Try out all 50 Shades of YAY this month

March is traditionally a month of madness and mayhem. This march London decided to put of an extravaganza of awesomeness instead. So kick out the Mad March Hare and bring in 50 Shades of YAY!!

Leather & Lace

50 Shades

Leather and Lace

First off is the Leather and Lace celebration. How sexy can you get in leather and lace without overdoing it? One for guys and girls, how low do you go before it stops being erotic? Seductive, subtle, alluring, enticing, liberating, constraining – what are you? Leather and lace gives you a chance to show off your deeper side.

In the immortal words of Stevie Nicks

“Give to me your leather
Take from me my lace
But take from me my lace
Take from me my lace”

Clover Leaf Hunt

St Patrick's Day

Lucky Clover Hunt for the luck of the Irish!

March is never complete without a tribute to St Patrick’s Day. To mark this occasion, London is hosting a week long Clover Leaf Hunt. So get lucky and find the 4 leaf clover!

It is said Saint Patrick used the three leaved Shamrock to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity, (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit), to the pagan Irish during the 5th Century. Tradition wearing of the Shamrock on Saint Patrick’s Day is traced back to the early 1700’s. So why does a ‘lucky’ clover have 4 leaves begorrah?

Saints & Sinners

50 Shades

Saints and Sinners Event

To follow on from Saint Patrick, it’s just polite to have a Saints and Sinners event. Come in costume and celebrate the shades of eroticism that are enjoyed within the restraints of saints and sinners. Listen to heavenly sounds as well as the deep base beats from the darkest deepest dungeons.



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