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January 7, 2014 • Culture & Community, News

There are some who make an impact on you from the moment you meet them. I have met many such people since coming to London Sims. Friendships have been established due to the first few moments I have spent with people. Whether it be because of their sense of humour, their kindness or their obvious loyality to London Sims and the people who strive to make it a wonderful place for fellow Second Lifers, these friendships have become a part of my everyday life.

Once such person is Niceboy321 or as his friends and fellow Londoners call him, Pilgrim. I first met Pilgrim at the London hot spot The London Tube. He was there, as many of us are, to support his fellow Londoners in their business endeavours. One would not think there was so much passion, talent and wicked humour under a Hot Dog AVI complete with condiments. But as I would discover, that was merely one of Pilgrims many forms. Pilgrim likes to make people laugh…hence the Hot Dog AVI when I first met him. He is also Leader of Church In The City , runs Pilgrim’s Coffee Shop and has recently been named Brand Manager for London Sims.

Pilgrim was kind enough to sit down and share his thoughts with me on London and his role there.

What initially brought you to London Sims?

“Oh wow, where to start. I’ve always been attracted by the thought of planting thriving church communities in major cities, and seek to make an impact wherever I go. After looking around London, I discovered St Mary’s. As someone who wishes to be a Priest, it was the perfect opportunity for me to get involved here, and I have been very welcome. London throughout history has shaped the world, from fashion and music, to politics and world events, and in Second Life, it has done also. That’s why I’m here.”

Pilgrim is Church Leader at Church In The City in London Sims.

Pilgrim is Church Leader at Church In The City in London Sims.

What has been your greatest experience in London?

“I love the creativity of a place like this. As the new Brand Manager, I work with a very creative bunch of people; open to new ideas. For me, Second-Lifers should never hear the words no when it comes to positive creativity, and I want to harness that. Technology is making the impossible possible, and I want to be at the forefront of using it to help people. Over the next few months, I’ll be working on some interesting projects that aim to achieve just that.”

What is your day to day life like in London?

“Two-fold really. As Leader of our ‘Church in the City’, I have aimed to create a space for people to encounter God in a relevant way, complete with Coffee Shop and Open Air Theatre! I’m always available to citizens for prayer, and run a Saturday Bible discussion, where we go through John’s gospel (11am SLT). As Brand Manager, I work with London Team to draw in new people through advertising and new ideas. For me, creativity isn’t confined to the pulpit, but seeks to change society.”



Pilgrim sitting in Church of The City sharing his personal blog thevirtualpilgrim.

Pilgrim sitting in Church of The City sharing his personal blog The Virtual Pilgrim.

In your spare time, what do you enjoy doing in Second Life?

“I do enjoy balance, so somewhere tranquil usually. I know two great beaches in SL (which of course, I’m not sharing because they’ll become major destinations lol). I am also a big fan of the arts, trivia quizzes, poetry readings, concerts, the theatre and galleries. I’m an ideas guy, so never really off duty.”

Pilgrim spending quiet time with friends.

Pilgrim spending quiet time with friends.

Never off duty is an understatement. Pilgrim is constantly looking for new ideas. For the church, for the people of London Sims and for himself. He thrives to constantly better himself and his surroundings. I can say from experience that pushes me to be a better person and be more creative in my day to day life in London. So if you have the chance, take a wander around the many beautiful places London has to offer. You may just run into Pilgrim. I am sure he will have an impact on you as well!

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