A Day In The Life Of……..Wendy Helstein, Lead Greeter London Sims.

January 15, 2014 • Culture & Community, News

London prides itself on having the greatest people in Second Life. I felt that coming into this wonderful Sim 6 months ago. So much that I made it my home, where I work and where I have my photography gallery. When you enter London, there are many greeters who are there to help you in whatever way they can. And heading up that amazing team is Wendy Helstein, Lead Greeter for London Sims and a fellow American who has found the London life much more appealing and planted roots here as well! Much of the time Wendy can be found at the London Hub, the landing point for those coming to visit London Sims. It is there that I sat down with Wendy and talked with her about her experiences not only in London, but in Second Life.

What initially brought you to London Sims?

“When I joined Second Life, London was one of the choices as a new user landing area. I have always wanted to see real life London so I was curious to see it virtually. I love Second Life London and now I want to visit real life London more than ever.”

What has been your greatest experience in London?

“Hmm, tough one. Been so many. I guess I would have to say the long-term friendships I’ve made. Been all over the grid and London truly has the nicest , funniest people.”

Wendy spending time with friends on "Pajama Monday".

Wendy spending time with friends on “Pajama Monday”.

What is your day-to-day life like in London?

“I spend a lot of my time at the hub. Welcoming new and existing Second Life residents. I’m also Jason Keegans assistant so my job may vary depending on what he needs done. Currently we are working on making London a New User Experience once again. making it an option as a landing point as it was when I joined.”

(note: Jason Keegan is Estate Manager for the Original London Sims)

Wendy Helstein

Wendy Helstein

Wendy chatting with London visitor, Arroz at the London hub.

Wendy chatting with London visitor, Arroz at the London hub.

In your spare time, what do you enjoy doing in Second Life?

“I’m a jokester so sitting around with friends and having a laugh is at the top of the list but I also enjoy Second Life live singers, clubbing and riding my motorcycle when I can. I try once a week to explore different sims . I love the creative minds people have here. There are so many interesting and beautiful things to see. But London will always be the best place on Second Life.”

Wendy and Dua stop for a picture at the London Hub.

Wendy and Dua stop for a picture at the London Hub.

There is never a dull moment around Wendy. Her bubbly personality, sharp wit and kindness are things that one coming into London cant help but notice. She is the first one to help you in navigating Second Life and London Sims. Even going so far as to look through her wardrobe to give you something to wear when you’re new. I have been blessed to not only call her friend, but my sister in Second Life. Stop in and say hello to Wendy and all of the other London Family. You will want to make London your Second Life home as well!

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