A London Fairytale – Hobbits and Horror by Jas (Blog 272)

October 23, 2015 • Entertainment, Music, News, Second Life

Okanogan-Orb weaver spider-001  This is the tale of Jas, who returned home after  battling a metallic dragon (long story).

Okanogan-Orb weaver spider-001
She arrived in the Second Life London Sims just before the festival of Samhain (Halloween to you+ me).
park 1_004 (2)
The landscapes were much changed.Spooky houseHobbit by Tolkien

There were tales of  haunted houses and little folk who lived beneath the ground.


As she ventured further into the park that was known as Hyde…

A witch in the moonlight, opening her hand to a small creatu Wellcome L0015900oo_003 (2)

….she felt strange forces watching her from the house ahead.
Black Cat 02812 svg vector nevitClimbing the stairs, she heard many disturbing sounds.


She decided to rest in a comfortable chair she spotted by the fire…

..but, suddenly, she was STABBED THROUGH THE HEART!

As she felt the life ebb out of her she stumbled to the mirror.,.,


oo_018 (2)

..and shrieked in horror at what she saw!

She had been transformed beyond recognition.

Her lovely long dark locks had been shorn at the sides,

her skin was pale and her hair had become a strange shade-

of periwinkle(?)!Black Cat 02812 svg vector nevit

However, she soon began to feel strong again and, when she looked

down, there was no sign of the knife wound.

What was going on?

Racing outside, she spotted a woman made from stone.
oo_009 (2)     

Had she, too ,once been a unsuspecting visitor to the house?

Travelling on to the place they called “The Hub”…
park 1_008 (2)

…she met a silent girl, whose reading material looked strangely dark. Upon closer inspection..     park 1_007 (2)
…she wondered if it were even a girl at all.

The feet seemed very large and the jaw quite square.

Was this another victim of the evil powers in the park?

Starting to embrace her new look she followed a pathway..

park 1_006 (2)

.. and discovered that the people of Middle Earth were celebrating. It had been siGANDALFxty years since their creation. And they were having a party in Second Life! She realised it was to be held TOMORROW! (Sat 24th Oct) in this very park(Hyde). The sign said 1-3 pm SLT.   Knowing this was eveningtime in Britain, she knew this party would be fabulous!! She decided to fully embrace the new Jas she had become!

And to party hard with the good people of the London Sims ..Halloween pumpkin, Sanok 2012.JPG

                                      ..this weekend and for next week`s Halloween events, too.            

  She also reminded herself , as she glanced at Big Ben..   

..that a strange phenomenon know as the end of British Summer Time..

..took place on the same day as the Lord of the Rings party.park 1_011 (2)

What an odd adventure she had experienced she reflected.

Still, odd could sometimes be good, and so..

….she decided to make the best of things. THE END (or is it?)

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