London Townhouses

A Quaint Townhouse…

August 11, 2017 • Homes To Let, Rentals

Marble Arch Townhouse

A quaint townhouse on the edge of Bayswater, has a view worth gasping for. Situated behind London’s iconic Marble Arches, Its views are breathtaking. Just a few minutes of walking and you will find yourself in beautiful Hyde Park. Flowers, green grass, entertainment and London’s Social Hub can all be found here. But that’s not all…

London Townhouses

Marble Arch Townhouse

This Townhouse is also located a minutes walk from Coach & Horses Pub. Live Dj’s Mondays, Thursdays and Weekends and Quiz Nights every Tuesday at 2pm slt. Its  great place if you’re looking to just chill, have a beer or get involved in the London Community. Not to mention, there is lots of shopping to do as you walk past the Pub to Bond Street In Mayfair. There are ample opportunities to venture out and explore London from your own front porch. So come take a look at this beauty of a spot that you could call home for just 399L a week.

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