“A Tall Order” and Seductive Dancing – London Tube and Chubbys by Jas (Blog 219)

January 16, 2014 • Entertainment, Music, News

Is it me, or is something strange going on in the London Sims? It seems like all the guys are getting taller. Estate Manager Jason Keegan (below) is pretty tall, but it looks like some of the rest of you are giving him a run for his money!



“Walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye
That’s what my mama told me when I was about knee high
She said son, be a proud man and hold your head up high
Walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye.”

(Val Doonican hit,”Walk Tall”from 1964)




“I’m standing tall in the rain and the snow,
Got a little bit of love, oh to keep me, to keep me dry.
So bring on the storm, let the winter winds blow,
My little bit of love, oh will keep me alive. ”

(Hit for Bess Rogers 2011-“Standing Tall”)





“You, You’ve Blown It All Sky High
Our Love Had Wings To Fly
We Could Have Touched The Sky
You’ve Blown It All Sky High.”

(“Sky High” – a hit for Jigsaw in 1976)

There`ll be giants coming here next!!

Anyway, the events of the last three days in our sims have been fun, flirty and seductive. Just look at London Team member JB Goodes face (below) at Chubby Checkers on Tuesday night, when his girlfriend Jayde decided to do a raunchy dance for him. He cant take his eyes off her!

Snapshot_050 (6)


Snapshot_052 (8)

And, Honey, girlfriend of Manager of Chubbys Roach Draconia, certainly knows how to dress to keep her man`s eyes on her,too!

Snapshot_014 (8)


The DJs at the events were Roach,himself (below)- with a little friend assisting, and DJ Madhatter (below that).

Snapshot_057 (4)



Snapshot_060 (10)


The hosts were Jayde , Me aka Jas (see below) and Brandon (below that).

Snapshot_025 (5)


Snapshot_058 (3)


The Cleaner and Painter at the clubs(!?) were Elsie May (below) and Tony (below that-in background behind my good friend Pyp).

Snapshot_068 (4)

Snapshot_053 (6)


So,that`s all the staff covered. And, speaking of staff, keep reading my blogs over the next few days for BIG news regarding the Coach and Horses!!

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