A Walk in the Park – London Sims` Hyde Park, and the New London Buses by Jas (Blog 208)

December 28, 2013 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, News, Romantic

What better way is there to spend a chilled out weekend than to visit to London`s Hyde Park? Our virtual park has just been updated -with beautiful graphics. The trees look really touchable,  and you can almost hear the snow crunching beneath your feet.

Snapshot_001 Real life Hyde might have it`s Winter Wonderland attraction this year, but we in Second Life can give them a good run for their money. Like them, we too have ice- skating, but we can go one better. In our London you can take out your own Snow-Mobile and drive across the Serpentine lake.

Snapshot_016 (7)

Or maybe you could play Second- Lifes popular dice game - Greedy. Its a great way to make new friends!

Snapshot_017 (7)

We have rides, too, our roller coaster is a very popular new addition to the park this year. As for another type of riding, if you feel like a cycle around, we have bikes ready to click on, so you can coast around Hyde to your hearts content.


Or if you just feel like a peaceful stroll, like I did yesterday morning, Hyde Park is the place to come. I met up with some friends from the London Team and had a chat.

Snapshot_008 (6)This would be the perfect place to bring your Second Life family – or a loved one- for a New Years Day walk. Or , if you are visiting alone, there are usually London Greeters to be found in the park , who are ready to show you around, give you helpful tips or just enjoy a friendly chat.

Wendy, Head of the London Greeters,is waiting to meet you

Wendy, Head of the London Greeters,is waiting to meet you


Snapshot_005 (4)

And, of course, there`s our massive New Years Eve Party coming up here,too. We, at the London Team, are already counting down the hours!

For a guaranteed great party tonight (Saturday 28th Dec),too, come to Moments Ballroom in Kensington for their Fancy Dress Party. Starting at Midday (Second Life Time) this should be so much fun, as everyone gets out their favourite wacky outfits. There will be 1000 L on the board, too, so if you have been spending too many Lindens on the after-Christmas sales this is your chance to make a few back!


Big News- The London buses are back. just click on one for a ride around our sims.

Snapshot_002 (3)


Thanks to Yvanna for getting them back up and running, and for making ours the best (and biggest) transport providers in Second Life. Yay- London just keeps getting better and better!

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