A Week at Chubby Checkers (Blog 202)

December 17, 2013 • Entertainment, Music, News

I`ve just realised I didn`t blog about last Tuesday`s Sixties event at Chubby Checkers – and it was sooo much fun! Roach Draconia (Manager at Chubby`s)  was the groovy DJ, and yours truly was the hostess. The tunes were non- stop brilliant – they don`t make `em like they used to!

For pics of the event click here:-

Then, last night, we had Motown and Rock and Roll night there, with DJ JB Goode, and the guests were feeling in the holiday mood. I spotted two Santas. One was our very own Roach who was filling in as host-he looked rosy cheeked and happy enough. But, it does have to be said, the other Santa looked a little miserable (see pic in link below). He should have been reminded of the fact on a  guest`s t-shirt -“The main reason Santa is so jolly is that he knows where all the bad girls live”! Of course we have no bad girls in the London Sims (coughs!) – we are all angels. Believe that and you will believe anything! Mind you the guys are just as bad. It was obviously the night for t-shirt slogans, and one guy`s read “Dear Santa – Define Naughty”- I wonder what he`d been up to!

For pics of this event please click here:-

Tonight (17th Dec) we are having another party. So come on down to Chubby Checkers in Knightsbridge (just behind Big Ben) at Midday (Second Life Time) and have a dance to some great retro tunes.

The London Sims is the original and best London in Second Life!!



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