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Your online source for news and information on virtual reality. This magazine centres around London in Second Life, Avination London, Open Sim, Virtual Worlds (VW), Virtual Reality (VR), Social Media (SM) and immersive spaces.

From a Virtual London focus, we explore a range of topics. These include: technology, games, community, law, shopping, entertainment, and associated topics.

Virtual London Information

Interesting virtual world information for London community. Click link to visit London community in Second Life.



Virtual London in the News

Virtual London began in 2006 and has been in the news since 2007, when it first appeared on the BBC2 Money Program. It’s been making news and bringing you new sensations for 10 years and continues to dazzle and surprise. Because of this, it’s followed by thousands of people from across the world. It’s here to bring breaking news and features to the rapidly growing audience.

Virtual London Opinions

News is drawn from experiences in virtual worlds such as Second Life, Avination, IMVU, Reaction Grid, Open Sim – plus a host of other virtual worlds.

Reporters have a vast reservoir of knowledge and experience – to make  sure you’re the best informed about what’s happening in Virtual Reality today. Reproters also give opinion on what it means to you.

Virtual London Columns

Like any popular magazine, this one has sections on Technology, Law, Sports, Fashion, Beauty, Men’s Interests, Cars, Vehicles, Property, Entertainment, Homes and Gardens.

Everything’s here for the self-respecting and aspiring avatar. This is about the truly aspirational lifestyle, as achieved through virtual London.

You’ll find hints and tips – from ‘New User’ help to finding the perfect home and setting up your business.

Why Virtual London(s)?

Because London has a base in many virtual worlds, there’s many ‘London’s’, not just one. We aim to show the many faces of virtual Londons in this magazine. We also bring to you many creative ideas we can to help you explore virtual landscapes.

We also appreciate that it’s good to have a home. So we suggest you make your home base here – at ‘Virtual London’.


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