About Us

About Us

London is run by a great crew of people who are there to help you with anything you need.

London Crew

London inSL Crew & Managers are all experts in their fields. They are passionate about London and dedicated to making your time in London your best Second Life experience ever.


General Managers

  • Sales / Support – Suℵ (Sunbeam5)

  • Operations – Debs Regent

  • Lead Guardian – Skeletor Boozehound

Entertainment Managers

  • Events Manager – Voyeur (vuall)

  • Underground Club – ღƬαηуαღ (Lakeshiax)

  • DJ Manager – Sang (Sanguinius Constantine)

  • Host Manager – SweetasHoney (kc84XX)

  • Coach & Horses – wιccy ѕнacĸleтon (Wiccy Shackleton) / Lord RaveSoul BlackWolf (RaveSoul86) / Lusty Madonna


London Crew

London is dedicated to assist its sponsors. Their aim is to make your virtual world experience as good as it gets. Whether you be a merchant, resident, regular or visitor, it’s our aim to make your time with London rewarding.

The London Crew has passion, dedication and an eye for detail. This puts them in the premier league of Second Life community sims.  As a London sponsor (resident, shopkeeper, regular or visitor) your happiness is London’s mission. Happy residents and happy merchants make London a happy place.

London is dedicated to having the best community on Second Life. This means a friendly service as well as commitment, helpfulness and skills that come together to provide you with what you need. If you have any questions, just ask any member of the team – they will be glad to help you.



Debs Regent


Debs Regent for general inquiries and assistance

Suℵ (Sunbeam5)


Šuń Čiãcõ Ķĕeģaŋ (sunbeam5) for assistance with customer support and promotion

About London Activities


Creators are a vital part of the London team. Their role is to ensure that London grows. We’re lucky to have some of the best designers in Second Life within London. The Operations team is lead by Debs Regent, who’s committed to making London the most excellent location to visit.

London designers and creators have worked hard over the past 11 years and are now working hard to bring London up to date and into the age of mesh. London builds are noticeable by their careful attention to detail, the life-like look and feel and the way lighting reflects these unique buildings. To enjoy London creations to their max, have your settings turned up high.

Creator Role Call for London builds (both past and present):

Stace Mace, Sorucis, BiggaGlitch Keng, Jessica Wabbit, Keirakeira, Jason Keegan, Wiccy Shackleton, Kiyoshi, TD Reynard, Gustavus Hapmouche, Painter Merriman.


JessicaWabbit built London’s Viewer of choice – The Wabbit Viewer


Keira helps out creatively and adds little touches here and there to enhance the London look.


If you’re a visitor to London in any capacity, our services are behind the care you’ve been given here. The crew here work tirelessly to make sure your time in London is a pleasant one.


Customer service accounts for a large portion of support in London. We assist both paying and non-paying members of the London community. This includes new users who are helped by older users, residents who need support with their homes, furnishing and issues, merchants who need their shop parcels set up and maintained and help with their shop promotions and also regulars and visitors to London.

For Residents –  any manager will be able to assist you. Suℵ (Sunbeam5), Skeletor Boozehound and Debs Regent are especially capable. Your furnishing and security are of utmost importance, so we are on hand to help.

For Merchants – any manager will be able to assist you. Suℵ (Sunbeam5), Skeletor Boozehound and Debs Regent are especially capable. Your shop will be set up with precision and show in search exactly as you want it.


Are you having a good time in London?

Voyeur (vuall) will be behind the events you’re enjoying. London’s entertainment, DJs and hosts are at your service to entertain you throughout the day. The weekly schedule is always available for you to find an event that suits you.

Other events, such as Christmas, Halloween, Weddings and even Bar Mitzvahs all come under London’s careful guidance. If you have an idea, a suggestion or would even like to help with entertainment here, contact Voyeur (vuall) or one of his assistants.

Sang (Sanguinius Constantine) [DJs] and SweetasHoney (kc84XX) [Hosts] make sure you have the best DJs and Hosts at all London events.

The Underground Club is manged by ღƬαηуαღ (Lakeshiax) and the Coach & Horses is managed by the Wiccy/Rave/Lusty team.


As different people have different needs, London has assistants to support each of your needs. London Guardians help visitors in London because they make it safe place to be in. Skeletor Boozehound and the Estate team are on hand to make sure London is a safe place.


London brand identity and the London Designs shop are here for your pleasure. If you see something you like on the marketplace, come and see it here and see it for yourself. All items are priced to be bargains to offer you the best value Second Life can provide.

Second Life London

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