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London is a friendly place so we want friendly people on our team. A sense of humor is essential, as is not getting wound up by little things. If you think this is you and you are willing to learn, take a look at the skills we are looking for here.

If you are interested in any role in London, please contact Debs Regent.



London Managers

London loves to have fun, so we have a great team of fun loving managers here.

Most people in London start as regulars in the hub. This is where the public hang out, and the Guardians are here make sure people into London are kept safe. London regulars help newcomers find their way around and teach people about what London has to offer them. They’re a very sociable crowd, so if you like to hang out with people, hang out in the hub where the Guardians are there to make sure everyone is shown respect.



Entertainment Jobs

Hosts typically work in the clubs, and assist the DJ in making people feel welcomed and by adding guests to the VIP groups.  Fun and popular hosts can make up to $3000 a shift.


Host Sandra @ The London Tube

DJs are trained professionals, they have their own music stream into Second Life and can pick up substantial tips for a good set. We expect to have large audiences here and numbers up to 100 are not uncommon in London.


DJ Rosie at the London Tube

If you’re interested in working in entertainment, please contact Kandee Steamer.



Jobs for Skilled Practitioners

London is always on the look out for skilled practitioners. If you have a talent in graphics, design, scripting, 3D modelling or any creative endeavor, please contact us. We may have a niche for you here.

If you are interested in being a London creator, please contact Debs Regent.


Support Jobs

If you have experience with people and would like to help out in London, especially if you think you can bring something special to London, then contact us with a proposal.

If you’re interested in working in support, please contact Sun.


Social Media & Marketing

London has a dedicated Marketing and Social Media group led by Sun.

London is always looking out for talented bloggers, writers, photographers and machinima artists. If you think you have the skills we need OR want to learn these skills, then get in touch.

If you’re interested in contributing to the London website, getting involved in marketing or becoming involved with social media, please contact Sun.


London has a place for everyone. It’s fun to work with the London gang and there are many jobs where ‘you’ can fit in. Even if it’s simply being a friend to new people or making people laugh. Get in touch, we’re waiting to hear from you.

If you are interested in these jobs, please contact any London Manager.




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