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Virtual London Magazine news reporters follow news and current events.

We keep you informed about important London events and virtual world news.Reporters’ opinions are London centred. They report about how current issues affect you as a member of the virtual London community.

This is your news about how the London community is affected by virtual worlds (VW), virtual reality (VR), gadgets, gizmos, and other immersive issues.

Articles are all London related. The magazine reflect the interests of this busy community. It includes breaking news, entertainment, fashion, sports, rentals, community and competitions. If you’re not already part of it, find your place in virtual London and become part of this huge online community.

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The London reporters may be working in the newsroom or going about their business. They take pictures, collect stories, witness events and interview people. Reporters are just people like you who want to have their say and put their point across. Some reporters have secret sources, called whistle-blowers. These online sleuths write about what they find out to bring you the latest story.

If you have a story and see one of our reporters around, let them know your story. Or if you’d rather let us know anonymously, click here to send us a message.

If you want to try your hand as a reporter, contact Debs Regent online or complete this form for her to contact you. Contact us about becoming a reporter.



Editorial Team


Debs Regent






Debs Regent – General Editor


Debs Regent is the magazine editor.

Debs has been in London in Second Life since 2006. Her current involvement spans Second Life, Avination and Open Sim. She loves London both virtual and real and has made it her mission to put virtual London on the map. She loves to experiment with video, machinima, animation, writing and a whole lot more. Most of all she loves to share a good laugh with friends. Debs loves making friends and works hard in London, so you will often see her around working. If you do, say ‘Hi!’.



ŠṲÑ ČÏĄČÓ ĶĖËĢÅÑ (sunbeam5) – Social Media Queen


Sun – the social media lady

Sun works on all London’s social media. She provides the main thrust of information outside of Second Life. If you have a story to tell or would like to promote your store or event, Sun is the one to approach.



KeiraKeira – Intrepid Reporter

Reporter Keira

Reporter Keira Keeping her Eyes on the News

Keira’s the word on the street kind of person. She’s been part of the London community for many years now and is an occasional contributor to the London web site.





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