ACO Fashions in Mayfair and Owner Alex Castaignede by Jas (Blog 189)

November 22, 2013 • Merchant Spotlight, News, Shop Rentals

ACO Fashions itself  is based in Paris, and is the business of Alex Castiagnede. He used to be a journalist and was Editor-in -Chief of  magazine “Avenir Web 3D “(Future Web 3D). He says that he created the company the “Alex Castiagnede Organisation” in order to provide an office, then a big house or castle (apologies for the poor French translation), and finally to acquire land! The shop we are focusing on today is his place in Mayfair, London.

Alex says he “like(s)  builds like Paris or London” and that made him “want to be present in great cities.” He has been on Second Life for six years and 3 months and has had his business for 5 years. He says his aim here is “to have pleasure” and that this “world allows (him) to have several lives.” In the future he plans to create more clothes, and his pet project at the moment is to create personal animated books. Other than work his time here is usually involved in talking with his girlfriend. When I asked him who he would like to invite from real life into Second Life he became quite animated and spoke about the writer Amelie Nothomb. He said he adores her literature, and would love to invite her in- world.

He says the company is delighted with it`s success both in the management of the ACO shops and the trademark ACO Fashion.

You can come and check out the sexy clothes offered here in the Mayfair area of  the London Sims.

See pics of the clothes, Alex and his store by clicking the link below.

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