“All The (SL) Single Ladies” at Moments in the London Sims by Jas (Blog 229)

February 11, 2014 • Entertainment, Music, News, Romantic

At Moments Ballroom in Kensington last Tuesday we had the beautiful live singer Leanne Lockjaw (below,right), and she sang some romantic classics but…

Snapshot_058 (3)Snapshot_066 (3)

…and it would be great to see more men here – with hoards of gorgeous ladies just waiting to be asked to dance.

Snapshot_055 (4)Snapshot_083 (2)

London Sims Owner Debs Regent (above,right) popped in to see us girls and guys!

Snapshot_071 (2)Snapshot_046 (4)

“Single bars and single women
With a single thought in mind
Just to make it till the morning
Looking for what they can find
For a man they won’t remember
For a night they can’t forget
Do you come to this place often?
May I light your cigarette?
Drinkin’ beer in Amarillo
Passing time and swaping jokes
Hoping for a new beginning
But beginning to lose hope”

Single Women sung by Dolly Parton

Snapshot_065 (2)

The pretty Jayde Enoch (above), manager at Moments, is anything but single, though.

She`s finalising plans for her Second Life wedding.

Snapshot_061 (3)Snapshot_076 (2)

Gentlemen of SL , let me offer you all a wonderful invitation.

Valentines night is Friday- and Moments Ballroom are having a romantic event in the London Sims` Hyde Park.

Get yourselves suited and booted and come and show some of these fabulous women a good time!!

Snapshot_081 (2)

PS: A little message for those of you who don`t make it :-

“You left

Your girlfriend on the platform

With this really ragged notion that you’ll return
But she knows
That when he goes
He really goes
And do you think you’ve made
The right decision this time ?”

London by The Smiths

Make the right decisions guys. Come to the London Sims for romance and fun this weekend!

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