The Alpaca Investigation Continues

March 30, 2015 • Entertainment, News, Second Life

The Alpaca Situation

Faithful readers I am here to  give you a quick status report on The Alpaca Situation. It has been approximately two weeks since my previous report and in good faith I meant to  report an update sooner.  However, something has happened. Something that I was warned could happen going under deep cover like this .  There is no easy way to put this but I have been posing as an Alpaca Documentarian for so long now… I want to become one.   My doubts about the alpacas were waning.  Alpaca One made mention of a meeting but it kept getting postponed (or so he told me) and instead he invited me to spend time with him. As I was still posing as both an alpaca and new to London.

And it was so easy to say yes and continue to spend time with Alpaca One.

Alpaca One

Tasty Grass in Knightsbridge

He took me to eat in his favorite spot!

It’s a lovely park and the grass is quite fresh and tasty.  You can see the purple flowers in the background. Well I went for a little nibble (they looked so tasty) but Alpaca One was shocked and gently chided me.  Telling me, “Don’t eat the flowers! They are for everyone’s enjoyment. Eating the grass is very helpful but eating the flowers is just selfish. ”  I believe it was then I began my suspicions began to soften.  He also explained there is another alpaca with an extensive flower garden that is strictly edible. I was promised a taste after the meeting.

Alpaca One

After a lovely meal of grass Alpaca One offered to show me some of his favorite shops.  More Alpaca Culture! I followed as went to an art gallery

Alpaca One

Gear Art Shopping

Who knew Alpacas were art aficionados? I’ve since learned they like all kinds of art and that Alpaca One is partial to photography.  We ambled about the gallery talking of art and individual expression and I was being lulled into a sense of security.

When this happened —

Alpaca One

Dear Readers one of his favorite stores is a Human Men’s Clothing store!!! I snapped a quick Polaroid and well I believe the caption says it all. He wasn’t just looking at the clothes longingly and wishing he could wear them. No he spoke of when he would buy them and  my reverie was broken.  My suspicions were back. But I must end this post here as I have done enough to gain entry into the “inner circle”.  There will be more evidence.


Watch closely for an update!


Note this story is for entertainment purposes only. No alpacas were hurt during the course of this project. Alpacas are our friends. 



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