Alpacas on Parade!

March 5, 2015 • News

The latest craze to hit London is Alpaca Power!!!


(pictured Sunbeam5, MillyWH, Lakeshiax,ear1dumarest and elAtracdor)

Sunbeam5 was the first to strut into London as a fluffy adorable alpaca. Once everyone got a good look and had a few minutes of ooh-ing and ahh-ing (and, I’ll admit, a few high pitched squees of delight from me)  the Alpaca Madness swept through the Hyde Park Hub like a zombie virus gone wild.  Don’t think it was just the women who were getting their alpaca groove on Sorircus and ear1dumarest  also joined in on the fun.  The next thing you know it was photo op time. Everyone wanted our pictures and then it was jostling for position in the haze of hilarity I don’t remember what happened next but we needed a keeper and the lovely lyricallarksong stepped in as Miss Bo Beep the Alapaca-ess. And kept us all in line  until we were herded over to the lake, the grass was softer (and tastier) and provided a much better photo op.


(pictured ear1dumarest, Soricus, MillyWH, Sunbeam5, PeanutbuttuhJellehTime with lyricallarksong as Bo Peep)

Alpaca Mischief

Alpacas have a mischievous streak  and soon it was Alpaca Tower Time!!


(pictured from bottom to top: Sunbeam5, ear1dumarest, PeanutButtuhJellehTime, MillyWH, Soricus)

Leaping on to each other’s backs with ease we let Sun lead the way and a stationary Tower isn’t as fun as Moving Alpaca Tower and that required a trip to the Hub for more attention and then ooh! The bicycles! It’s not just a bike built for 2 but built for 15 avatars – human or alpaca.   Tower of Alpacas on Bicycles (sounds a bit like a Dr. Seuss Book) and it was loads of fun.



(pictured from left to right: PeanutbuttuhJellehTime, Sunbeam5, Soricus, MillyWH, ear1dumarest)

All the laughter tired everyone out so after a tour of the sim we all hopped off. Some changed back to human, but a few stayed in Alpaca-ness and headed over to the Coach and Horses to listen to the music and get down with our bad selves.  Alpaca dancing turns into a lot of flailing limbs, so I had to be careful not clonk someone with a hoof in the face.


The big question – is the Alpaca Craze over? Was this a one off for London?  Only time will tell but Alpacas have been seen since around since then and people are even expanding their looks into non human avatars.  If you too want to be an Alpaca (and you know you want to) you can get the avatar here  and if an Alpaca isn’t for you try out an non human avatar. Alpacas run with anyone! Just make sure the avatar falls with in the community standards and if you have questions just ask!



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One Response to Alpacas on Parade!

  1. Sun says:

    Fab blog article Milly, we had so much fun with the alpaca avatars didn’t we !

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