Are Alpacas Taking over London?? A continuing story!

March 16, 2015 • Culture & Community, Second Life

Alpacas Infiltration

This intrepid reporter has been following the Alpaca Trend that started in Hyde Park and has spread into Mayfair and Knightsbridge.  Are these alpacas dangerous? Do they pose a threat to our precious London? Or are they simply a harmless? Why do more and more avatars seem to be falling Alpaca form?  Looking for the truth this reporter went undercover and these were my findings. All information was recorded covertly and some situations have been reconstructed for the purpose of this narrative and time constraints.

Trying to find my way in I decided to disguise myself as a Freelance Alpaca Documentary Film maker, new to London and both looking to make a documentary and needing a tour guide for the sims.  ” A look inside the life of the average alpaca in London (and how they integrate with  non alpacas”.  I promised this project would be funded by Kickstarter and even “let slip” that there may be a deal in the works with Netflix for direct streaming release!  This seemed to work as  the first alpaca I approached was quite keen on letting  me follow him around taking film (still captures were used for this article).  The first place he took me too was  the Arcade/Bingo Hall/Bowling Alley in Knightsbridge.   The alpaca I befriended,  Alpaca One (names changed to protect the innocent) seemed friendly enough and showed me a favorite game – Whack a Mole. Why! I thought, alpacas aren’t so different from me! I like Whack a Mole! He played a few rounds as we talked and  trying to gauge his trust level I didn’t bring up my interest in meeting other alpacas at first.   Alpaca One  is very familiar with the Arcade and gave me a tour of the games – there are a variety of vintage games including a racing game and the Bingo is on the same level (seen in the background of the picture).  Not only does he play the games but he also works as a Bingo Caller!



Alpaca Bingo Caller


I wanted to see how an alpaca could possibly be a good bingo caller, but there wasn’t a game that night. However I was able to create a photo reconstruction of what a possible Bingo Night would look like –


Anyone for Bingo?


Instead Alpaca One offered to take me to an underwater park. This worried me at first – alpacas can hold their breath or breathe under water? What could a lowly human like myself do? Then I remembered this is Second Life and  luckily breathing is not necessary.  Relieved I could get a better look we went off to this underwater park.





Turns out alpacas are expert and artistic swimmers. Unfortunately this reporter was unable to capture alpaca One at his most graceful (they are fast to0– something to watch out for perhaps). This amazing underwater mermaid experience features dances and even a hangout with places to sit … a good  place to enjoy London with a small group of friends just outside the hustle and bustle of the Hyde Park Hub.   While we swam around the park and chatted I began to feel more at ease. Perhaps I had become needlessly.

Alpacas at Tea

Alpaca One seemed to be accepting me as one of his own and soon after a long day of gaming and swimming he invited me back to his house for tea. Very British this Alpaca (or at least trying to be).  This is when I discovered he was living in Knightsbridge itself! Renting a lovely townhouse and of course I had to see how he was getting along.  And see enjoy tea.



Anyone for Tea?


I was able to catch the last of the light and get a very artistic shot (if I say so myself) of Alpaca in Repose.  The tea was lovely and we chatted about this and that. A few times I was worried Alpaca One had sniffed out my true purpose as I tended to be a bit vague with some of my answers (advice for those going undercover, make sure your back story is easy to remember).

Then the break I was hoping for! Alpaca One told me about a gathering the alpacas and “friends” he said were having in a few days time and would I like to come and meet others? Well of course I would like to go!  Realizing my answer was a bit over eager I hurriedly explained I’d been lonely and without other alpacas to hang out with and hoping to for an introduction to the alpaca London social scene.  Alpaca One claimed not to know the exact day or time “these things tend to be spontaneous”  he claimed but he promised to contact me with full details.  Then invited me for another round of Whack a Mole and perhaps a few games of bowling. Again I accepted these offers of friendship trying to cement my character as that of a new alpaca in town looking for friends.

Dear readers, I realize I have not yet discovered what the influx of alpacas means to London but I know I’m getting close.  This “spontaneous” gathering is the key, I just know it and once it happens I will have a full report and photographic evidence! Stay tuned for updates on this breaking story.

Note this story is for entertainment purposes only. No alpacas were hurt during the course of this project. Alpacas are our friends. 








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