An American Werewolf (Avatar) in London!

May 14, 2015 • Culture & Community, People, Second Life

Have you ever been to London by moonlight? Daylight? Anytime?

To be honest, until recently… neither had I! As an American, going to London had never once been on my radar for the entire eight years of my Second Life existence. However, I am happy to write, that has since changed!

A little backstory- I had abandoned my avatar at some point in 2012. Left it alone to fend for itself on a sim that no longer exists. It was then and there that I claimed I would never return to my Lycan ways of evil and debauchery within the virtual world. I was a werewolf without a cause. So, I deleted my account, tossed out my login information, and was hellbent on not looking back. Second Life, at that time, was effectively over for me.

However, real life had different plans for me. Suddenly, I needed a strong, nontraditional platform to promote my real world writing in. In particular, a little piece I had written specifically about real world London. What better place to do that, and at the same time, reach as many of the United Kingdom’s native people? Second Life London, of course!

I must admit, as an American, I was more than a little apprehensive about my first trip to Hyde Park. There are simply some areas in Second Life that do not hold a high regard for Americans. Sucks to be those places!

Hyde Park totally ruined it for everyone else. They have made such a welcoming and attractive sim, there is simply no other place that feels the same after you spend time in the company of London’s incredible community. I suggest you give Hyde Park a visit. Especially if you have not already dropped in. I promise, you won’t be disappointed! I am not an easy person to please, just ask anyone who really knows me. But, London thrilled me! It set my werewolf ass on fire the very first few days I spent there! The people, the conversation, the fun! It was all included!

I soon traded in my fangs and claws, stopped role-playing with the emo kids on their vampire sims, and asked to become a Hyde Park Brit!
Well, with the Red, White, and Blue running in my veins, I could never hope to be a true blood, British citizen. Yet, American as I am, they did ask me to write about my experiences on this website. I have signed on to do exactly that! To give the perspective of an American male in SL London. So, here I am! Like me or not. I hope to throw an edge in the everyday happenings going on around the sim, and maybe offer up for discussion some things that are a little more Second Life controversial. Never meaning to be rude or smarmy. Just simply to bring a different perspective and point of view!

So, until the next article. You can find me at Hyde Park with my new family! Playing Mortal Kombat, exchanging in some healthy banter with friends old and new, or just hanging out by myself. There is a joke in there somewhere. But, I am not going to write it!


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