Ancient Linden Burial ground unearthed in Hyde Park

October 30, 2016 • News

LONDON (OLSP) – Ghost hunters from all over the grid have converged on the Original London Sims after an ancient Linden burial ground was uncovered by builders doing some routine landscaping work during the recent renovation of Hyde Park.



Researchers and archaeologists from the University of Mayfair were hauled out of the Coach and Horses pub and set to work cataloguing the unprecedented find. A preliminary report suggests that as many as 50 avatars may be buried under the park, and that the site may date back as far as the pre-mesh era. Some priceless artefacts found alongside the remains include a couple of well-preserved plywood cubes and a beautifully sculpted cup of tea with its script still intact.  “We will know more once the pixel dating results are in,” said one of the visibly-excited researchers before gesturing to security personnel to escort this reporter off the dig site.


Clearing up this find and laying the ancient avatars to rest may ease the mind of local residents who have inundated London staff with reports of bumps in the night, squeaking staircases, strange noises in the hub, and even buses moving around the streets without a driver. A couple of residents have reported what has been described as the ghost of Pathfinder Linden stalking the streets at night. “We can’t dismiss these claims any longer,” said an aide close to the London administration.


Local shops have reported a boost in sales due to the sudden influx of amateur ghost hunters hoping to catch a glimpse of the alleged paranormal activity. “They might be nuts, but they all need clothes,” said one merchant with a smile as the lights began to flicker. Having seen some of them, I have to agree.


30 October 2016 – KFC @ Original London Sims Press.

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