Angelic Delusions by Jas (Blog 300)

February 18, 2016 • News

After a really fun night hosting the “Angels and Demons” event in Hyde Park my avatar (Jas) seems to be having delusions of grandeur. Because I was so busy hosting I didn`t manage to get many pictures of the event, but here`s the details of the pages of some people who did. Also, there`s a sneak preview of a video Pyp Mifflin is making about the events in our sims this week.

Check out MJs Angel `s picture on her Facebook page.

And Amarie`s- Cariashi on Facebook.

There are some beautiful picks by both of these guys.

Here`s the link to a quick snippet from Pyp`s video.

Hopefully, when she finishes it, I`ll be able to post it all.
Snapshot_003 (4)
 Jas and DJ Dreamer illustrate man`s eternal struggle between good and evil!

Snapshot_002 (9)Snapshot_006 (6)

 I was surprised by how many of you came dressed as angles, though.

Usually the demons far outweigh the angels, both at events like this and more generally in Second Life!

The gorgeous Sun (above,right)- one of the Managers and  Co-Owners of the London Sims- is a great example of someone who was rocking the sexy angel look at the event in Hyde Park!

Snapshot_012 (2)
As for my avie, though-she seems to have decided she`s Guardian Angel of the London Sims.

Here`s some more  pics of her flights of fancy last night!


Snapshot_010 (6)
The Angel of the Serpentine?
Snapshot_021 (6)

 The Angel of Big Ben?

Snapshot_015 (2)

Snapshot_013 (2)Snapshot_018 (3)

Snapshot_004 (5)
In the London Sims this Spring you decide whether to bring out your angelic or devilish side!



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