Another Brick In The Wall cover by ML

May 24, 2015 • Entertainment, Music, News, Second Life

Sjeng did a stunning video of ML’s band performing Another Brick in the Wall. (See Above)

The Hyde Park Events Field was the perfect location for this song, where his mainly British audience applauded his performance of this still controversial song.


Another Brick In The Wall

Hyde Park Venue



About Another Brick In The The Wall

Roger Waters wrote this song about his views on formal education, which he formed during his time at the Cambridgeshire School for Boys. He hated his grammar school teachers. He felt they were more interested in keeping the kids quiet than in teaching them. A theory that maybe be considered as having gained ground since then. Conformity vs rebellion is the theme of this film featuring the overprotective mother in a ‘nanny state’ role and an overbearingly cruel teacher as the ‘enforcer’ of conformity.


Roger Walters Presents – The Wall


ROGER WATERS THE WALL will be presented around the globe for one night only, in thousands of selected cinemas on the evening of September 29th. Following the feature presentation, there will be a unique encore: Your chance to ask your questions to ROGER WATERS and NICK MASON. The PINK FLOYD rhythm section will reunite over the breaking of bread and the answering of questions sent in by you, the fans. ROGER WATERS and NICK MASON, two of the original members of Pink Floyd, will convene for what is sure to be a memorable reunion. In the hopes of having a few laughs, and, in response to your questions, they will rummage through the overstuffed cupboard of skeletons and faulty recollections, hopefully using the opportunity to clear up some of the mysteries before old Father Time, and Davy Jones Locker claim their due, and All That You Touch and All That You See, slides ungentle, into that dark night. – from Roger Walters’ Facebook Page


Another Brick In The Wall

Roger Walters waits for you to join him on 29th September




The Wall – The Film

The Wall is a 1982 film about an alienated rock star who descends into insanity, by way of isolation, obsession, drugs, destructive tantrums, and a failing marriage. Based on the 1979 album The Wall by the rock band Pink Floyd. Bob Geldorf stars as Floyd Pinkerton (otherwise known as Pink) in this political statement of a film.





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