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Atmospheres in London

August 22, 2014 • Advice, Beauty & Fashion, Business, Culture & Community, Girl Stuff, Guys n Geeks, News, Second Life, Social Media, Tech & Gadgets

 Atmospheres and Shading

Take a second look at Second Life London. Change moods and atmospheres using atmospheric shaders. Below you’ll see a selection of panoramic pictures showing some of the different moods that can be created inside second life. Atmospheric shaders can change the way you feel about a place. Sharp colors can make you feel alive and alert while softer tones can make for a romantic mood.


What you see without setting the mood

Dark night skies can create a seductive or secretive atmosphere. Stronger red tones can be menacing, scary or even downright sinister. Bleak atmospheres and dark clouds can be foreboding. Soft blues indicate mornings and new beginnings. A nice mellow tone can make you feel relaxed and at ease. When you realise this, you know that your choice of atmospheres are important because they’ll affect your mood and how you feel about yourself and a place.

How To Change Atmospheric Shaders

To set your atmosphere you need to go into the ‘preferences’ settings.

1. To do this, choose ‘me’ from the top menu then ‘preferences’ from the drop down menu.

2. Then click the ‘graphics’ tab on the new popup box.

3. Click advanced and check (or tick) atmospheric shaders underneath the shaders menu. (Also check ‘hardware skinning’ on ‘avatar rendering’)

4.  This will also allow you to enable lighting and shadows, ambient occlusion, and shadows by checking (or ticking) the boxes.

Try it out, see what atmospheres settings you like best.

To make it easier, you can follow the sequence of slides below to learn how to change your settings.

 Using Advanced Sky Editor

Another way to change your lighting and mood is to use the ‘advanced sky editor’. This is located under the world menu in environmental settings. When you open this window, you have several options. If you select ‘environment editor’ you will be presented with another screen. In this pop-up screen you have the ‘advanced sky’ button. Click on this. Now you’ll find another menu. If you look at the sky precepts, you will see a drop down box to the right of it. Click on that.


An Advanced Sky Setting used to create a calm atmosphere

Now the world of opportunity and possibility opens up for you. A drop down box containing a vast array of atmospheric themes will now be shown to you. You can click on any of these to see your lighting miraculously change around you. Now you have lots of atmospheres for great snapshots too.




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