Avatar Parking

February 2, 2015 • Culture & Community, News, People, Second Life

Where Do You Park your Avatar when you’re AFK?

Avatar Parking

Debs parks in the park!

Avatar parking seems to be a very personal thing. We all park our avatars in different places when we go todo something in real life, like get a coffee or eat our dinner. Some do their avatar parking in plain view while others find a hidden corner to drop their Avatar into so they’re hidden from view.

It’s often not easy to tell a parked avatar from a bot. Both often don’t respond and neither do they move. It can be confusing with an avatar you don’t already know. If you know the person behind the avatar, they may be giving some private information away about who they are when the go away from the keyboard and ‘park’. For example, a quiet person who likes solitude will park somewhere quiet and maybe choose a dark spot too, where no one will see them.

Avatar Parking Reveals your Personality

Sor parked in Mayfair

Sor parks in the High Street

A loud person who does a lot of talking normally will still want to be the centre of attention, so before going away, they may put some striking outfit onto their avatar to make sure they’re still the centre of attention. Avatar parking is a very personal thing. I like to find a pretty spot that’s away from the main buzz of activity and just drop my avatar there.

So Who Parks Their Avatar Where?

Avatar parking

Sun parks hovering in the sky

I did a bit of spying on people in London and checked out their avatar parking skills.

Sun chooses a flying pose, an elegant way to hang around while she’s away. Jason has a secret place that he pops off to. Sor just stands in the middle of the high street and Debs just sits somewhere quietly. Of course, Jess finds a nice bar to hang out in and usually finds the Coach & Horses in Mayfair.

So What do You do With Yours?

Jess having a few beverages while afk

Jess parks in the bar!

We want to hear from you  – let us know where you park your avatar when you go AFK. We’re looking forward to seeing some very strange places, but be prepared for some psycho-analysing of your avatar parking habits!




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