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March 10, 2014 • Avination, Business, Garden Design, News, Social Media

Avination is one of those rare grids that talks to it’s customers – yes face-to-face.

Melanie and Saphira who lead the Avination team (click to browse through the slides)

I was lucky enough to attend their A-Team meeting and to meet Melanie Milland and Saphira Cortes who lead this amazing group of technicians and support staff.


Link to Avination

Avination cannot be compared to any other virtual world platform. While others have gone their own way, Avination has stayed true to course. This is because the lead team believe strongly in the Open Source policy, while also maintaining the highest quality of technology, advancing virtual worlds and especially Avination above all else.

Moonie, one of Avination's talented designers

Creations from Moonie, one of Avination’s talented designers

I have seen no griefing in Avination, no drama and plenty of ‘togetherness’ between peers and competitors alike. Designers and builders work together, all to grow and expand this unique platform for virtual world experiences. There is plenty of scope for talented creative artists in Avination because of the huge prim allowances, advanced graphics, mesh and bones. The physics engine is also excellent and I have seen a lot going on here lately.


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