Award Winners of the Order of the London Estates

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Award Winners for the London Estates New Years Honours List

Award winners for The Order of the London Estates have now been chosen. These awards have gone to people who have excelled in performance and loyalty to London and remain within Second Life London as team members or have another significant role there.

The Knighthood of the Grand Cross of the London Estates (GLE)

First we have the Grand Cross Medal, which confers the holder with a London Estates Knighthood. This is rarely given out and to gain this honour is achieved by activities above and beyond, calling for bravery, dedication and courage. This knighthood is hard earned and a mark of huge respect to the recipient.

Award Winner

Sir Jason Keegan with his lovely wife, Lady Destiny Keegan

This highest award is achieved by Jason Keegan who is now a Knight of the Grand Cross of the London Estates (GLE). ‘Sir’ Keegan, as he is now known, has been at the forefront of Second Life London. He has been its guide, its inspiration, its direction and its captain, navigating it in the right direction for some time now.

Destiny Keegan is similarly rewarded and now has the title of ‘Dame’ as she becomes a Dame of the Grand Cross of the London Estates (DGLE).

Award Winner

Jason (dressed as Santa) and Destiny with some of the London team.

Since Jason joined the London team, London has more than doubled in visitors and has grown and improved to become the best place in Second Life to hang out and make new friends inside a friendly environment. Many people say how much they prefer being in London to anywhere else in Second Life due to his leadership of the London Team. Their kindness, attention to detail and general care of the community is a reflection of his leadership style. He now becomes a Knight of the Grand Cross of the London Estates (GLE).

Knight Commander of the London Estates (KLE/ DLE)

This is awarded for excellent services to the London Estates in Estate care and for having a major contribution in any activity, usually at estate level. Other people working in the same area as this person will see their contribution as inspirational and significant. People who are awarded this will have shown commitment over a long period of time.

This is awarded to:

Award Winner

Sun posing with Sor for the New Years Ball

Sunshine (Sunbeam5) is a Dame Commander (DLE) Award Winner of the London Estates for her services to people. She has lead the ‘Greeters’ team and has guided them on their way and in their turn they have guided and welcomed new users and other visitors into London. Not only does she do this, but she’s also the friendly face who greets new residents and merchants into London and makes sure their needs are met.

Award Winner

Roach Draconia on beat with the latest events

Roach Draconia becomes a Knight Commander (KLE) Award Winner of the London Estates for his services and leadership in entertainment. His entertainment team are second to none and London has seen some great events taking place over the year of 2104. It is anticipated that he will continue to lead Entertainment and Events into a new growth in 2015.

Award Winner

Biggabulk Keng early 2014

Biggabulk Keng becomes a Knight Commander (KLE) Award Winner of the London Estates for his radical changes to the design of the London Estates. Specifically his design and build of London Nights as well as the remodelling of Hyde Park and parts of London Mayfair and Knightsbridge. This is due to continue into 2015 with more magnificent changes afoot.

Commander of the London Estates (CLE)

This is awarded for having a prominent but lesser role at estate level, or a leading role at a specific area level. This can also be awarded for a distinguished, innovative contribution to any area.

This is awarded to:

Award Winner

LabratManifesto and his partner AliKat

LabRat Manifesto earns a CLE for his tireless work in developing Planet Earth and The Coach & Horses. Although the Planet Earth is no longer part of London, he built it up to make it a main attraction in London. Since then he has done the same with the assistance of AliKat Rage Manifesto.

AliKat Rage Manifesto earns her CLE for her work at the Coach and Horses in the absence of her peers. Her tireless devotion to duty and hard work for London is recognised in this award. Her promotion of London has been seen by many and her dedication to keeping London a happy place to be in is appreciated with gratitude.

Sorucis is given the CLE for his work with the Freebies Mall and London stores. His devoted service to greeting in the Hubs in Hyde Park and Mayfair are also recognised with this award.

Officer of the London Estates (OLE)

This is awarded for having a major local role in any activity, including people whose work has made them known in their chosen area.

Award Winner

Wiccy being part of the London community

Keira, Jessica Wabbit and Wiccy Shackleton have long been part of London and have worked in many capacities to see that London is successful as a community and as a home for many people. Always willing to turn their hands to whatever is necessary, this award recognises their dedication, ability and efforts to make London a better place every day.

Some merchants are also recognised with this award due to their commitment and support for London over a very long time frame. These people are Vivian Baxter, Masqerade Damask and Jaymarie11 Resident.

Award Winner

Ey Ren, the Norwegian Elf and London Ambassador from Norway

Ey Ren, The Norwegian Ambassador is recognised for his commitment to London. His position at the Norwegian Embassy in London has been the main point of contact between the two Second Life communities for over 7 years.

One residential member stands out above others for her part in the community of London. Kwizzee Resident has always gone beyond the norm for London. She has promoted Second Life London with her home, her store, and as residential mermaid in Hyde Park’s Serpentine Lake.

Member of the London Estates (MLE)

This is awarded for a significant achievement or outstanding service to the community. An MLE is also awarded for service in local help which stands out as an example to other people.

Terry Wumpole is recognised with an MLE for his stunning regional park in Knightsbridge and his persistence making it a wonderful attraction in the London Estates.

Award Winner

Ro Daniels in his store

Ro Daniels becomes an MLE for his achievements in merchandising within the London Estates.

Xariana Demina receives an MLE in recognition of her shop in Mayfair’s Park Lane, which has stood there for many years.

Alex Castaignede gains a MLE in recognition of his long success with his store in Oxford Street.

Caty Recreant is given the MLE for the wonderful designs in her Pixelworx store in Mayfair.

Mike MetaverseModSquad is awarded the MLE on behalf of Metaverse ModSquad. The award is recognition of the 8 year relationship they have with London.

Award Winner

LondonLandlord and LondonShopkeeper, some of the other London people that play key parts in the London community.

 Award List

Knighthood of the Grand Cross of the London Estates (GLE)

  • Jason Keegan

Lady of the Grand Cross of the London Estates (GLE)

  • Destiny Keegan

Knight Commander of the London Estates (KLE)

  • Roach Draconia
  • Biggabulk Keng

Dame Commander of the London Estates (DLE)

  • Sunshine

Commander of the London Estates (CLE)

  • LabRatManifesto
  • AliKat Rage Manifesto
  • Soricus

Officer of the London Estates (OLE)

  • KeiraKeira
  • Jessica Wabbit
  • Wiccy Shackleton
  • Vivian Baxter
  • Masqerade Damask
  • Jaymarie11 Resident
  • Ey Ren
  • Kwizzee

Member of the London Estates (MLE)

  • Terry Wumpole
  • Ro Daniels
  • Xariana Demina
  • Alex Castaignede
  • Caty Recreant
  • Mike MetaverseModSquad

Should you wish to nominate someone who has not appeared on this list, please contact us.


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