Awards Banquet Soundbites!

August 1, 2011 • Entertainment

The Entertainment Banquet featured some really great speeches and soundbites from guests and award winners! Below are some award winners who did not mind their speeches being featured:

Croft Atolia (Manager and DJ of Retrograde, and London Greeter):
 RetroGrade VIPs DJ AWARD….
ty all. i didnt even start off to be a dj, but i love the opportunity to play the music i love and grew up with and dedicate this to all our VIPS, without whom, there would be no retrograde
Greeters Greeter award…
i dont know what to say lol. i’m new to the team and i want to thank u all for letting me join and want to say I LOVE LONDON
Tamara Daxeline (Host at Club Capital and Coach and Horses):
l dont know what to say…this is such a shock…but a wonderful shock…
l accept this award with thanks and gratitude, to all those wonderful people who made the effort to go out of there way and vote for me…
l accept this award on behalf of everyone that works on the london sim.we are a TEAM…
I wouldnt be here if it wasnt for everyone in our team….Managers.. DJ’s ..Hosts and Greaters… 
Jessii  thank you for making it all possible…..
and most of all we wouldnt be able to do.. and enjoy our jobs here…. if it wasnt for the wonderful VIP’s Thank you…
OHHHHH just a few things l forgot…
tp those friends..
get your names on the board you carnt win it if yr not in it …
feed that sploder… cause l do love it when it bangs ahhahhaha….
tickle the DJ’s naughty box with requests and linden love…
vote now…vote now!!!!!!!
and above all PARTY!!!!!! PARTY!!!!!!!!!
Steph Lytham (DJ and Host at Club Capital, DJ at Coach and Horses):
On winning the Club Capital VIP award:
Hello everyone, I’d like to thank all my co workers at Capital for being a great team. We’ve earned this award together with our team work. I’d like to thank Anakin and Crysis for being great managers and being there when we need them. Last but not least a big round of applause for Jessii, she makes all this happen and works really hard to make London a success.
On winning the Coach and Horses VIP DJ award:
Hello, I’d like so give a big Hi5 to all my colleagues at Coach and Horses. Well done. A big thank you to Mia who keeps us all in check and keeps things going at Coach. A big thanks to our regulars at the bar who show up week after week to support us, they’re a great bunch or people.
Finally a big thanks to Jessii, Rob and Debs for keeping London the big hit it is.

Crysis Aldrin (General Manager and DJ of Club Capital, Mayhem 5th Avenue, and the Lazy Bull):

First off i would just like to thank you jessi for the honor of being a dj and gm for not 1 but 4 of your clubs…i continue everyday to grow and learn as both…you been a true friend in both rl and sl ….you’ve helped me turn my life around so much and i only hope that i continue to make you proud as a friend a dj and a general manager…thanks jessi for having the faith and trust in me.

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