Bayswater Road Homes for Ultimate Luxury

August 21, 2014 • Homes To Let, Interior Design, News, Property News, Rentals, Second Life

Bayswater Road Homes

Bayswater Road homes are the domain of the rich and famous. The elite of London lives on a single street. People like Jess and Keira have luxury homes here. These town houses are the most exclusive properties in London. Both real and virtual London attract people who appreciate the finest things in life.

The real Bayswater Road homes are the link between Notting Hill and Marble Arch. These are two, and Mayfair is the most notable areas for locating your town pad in all of London. There are many styles of beautiful city homes dotted along Bayswater Road.

Bayswater Road Homes

3 Bayswater Road, Hyde Park London (CLICK IMAGE TO VISIT)

Bayswater Road homes in Second Life are also the lushest properties in Second Life. Presented on three floors, with the ground floor fully furnished, these homes offer a great bargain. At just 399 a week with an extra 100 prims these properties are the best deal possible. You even get a kitchen thrown in for free

Bayswater Road Homes

Free Kitchen

You have two further floors to furnish in your own style. It’s always a good idea to add your own bed after all nobody wants a second-hand bed! The top floor can be used for lots of uses. Some people use it as a music room, some people use it as a theatre room, some people use it as a bathroom and it’s even been used as a torture chamber!

With a small garden to the rear, these homes are a perfect replica of real homes in this area. I know because I used to live in one. For me it’s lovely to have my home recreated in Second Life and for me to be able to share this experience with you too. I’m proud to say that I love being in these homes because they remind me of my own home in London

Bayswater Road Homes

4 Bayswater Road, Hyde Park London (CLICK IMAGE TO VISIT)

Going back to the real world, these properties are to be found all around this area. In crescents, in streets, in squares, and in ovals. This kind of Georgian home is popular amongst bankers, stockbrokers, film stars, and entrepreneurs. Simon Cowell, Richard Branson, and other issues but celebrities all have these types of homes in this area.

So come on down because it’s time for you to have the X-factor and get your home here in Bayswater Road.

~ Bayswater Road Homes~

Be quick for these because these homes have great locations, are very popular and go very fast!

Bayswater Road Homes

6 Bayswater Road, Hyde Park London (CLICK IMAGE TO VISIT)

The homes all face Hyde Park, are roomy and bright and cost just $399 / week furnished with 100 prims or unfurnished with 150 prims. All properties have available prim upgrades if you wish for more detail to make your home stand out.



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