Baywatch? No ‘HydeWatch’ in London!

May 27, 2015 • Culture & Community, News, People, Second Life

BayWatch babes are seen in Hyde Park



HydeWatch IS Baywatch!


Every girl wants to be Pammy – that Baywatch babe in the skimpy red costume. So the girls in London decided to try it out for themselves. They grabbed a few ‘Hoff’ lookalikes and got into their skinnys. See the guys strut their stuff in Hyde Park, complete with Baywatch theme music background for inspiration.

They tipped a bucket of sand over the park and diverted the Lake so it flooded the HUB area. – It make the perfect Baywatch scene.

However they never banked on inviting Donald the shark. As a TV actor, I guess he just wanted to be on TV?

As it’s a Baywatch style episode there has to be a desperate situation in the water. Watch Donald (the shark) at the back trying to get a bite of SpongeBob. The HydeWatch team had to protect SpongeBob from the shark so got between him and Donald. Lucky for SpongeBob, the HydeWatch team are as brave and gallant as their Baywatch counterparts. He managed to get to safety away from Donald.

Hurrah for the HydeWatch Team!



The Girl Who Got The Video



The HydeWatch team – saving SpongeBob from Donald the Shark!


Stace Manx is the brilliant video artist that managed to capture this event. Here’s what she says about it…

I can’t really say there was a great reason to videoing. Sun came in with a bikini on and said common lets do this Baywatch thing. I was busy in IM’s when she asked and so I just flew up and put my bikini on, added a floating duck to the outfit and Zymo I think it was had the Baywatch gesture with out sound and it just happened. Next thing I knew, I was asking if everyone wanted to be in a video. So I did my best, turned on my video in my graphics card program and there you go. it was fun making the movie. The suspense of uploading was agony but well worth it!!

Thanks Stace – great video!



Baywatch Theme Song


For your additional enjoyment, here’s the theme tune as sung by Jimi Jamison. The music was written by Cory Lerios and John D’Andrea. Lyrics were written by by Joe Henry and Jimi Jamison. The vocal performance was by Jimi Jamison (as Jim Jamison).







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