Beach party 4th June 2014

June 9, 2014 • News

What fun was had at the beach party on June the 4th,many turned out in awesome beachwear from stylish to wacky!A friendly  face Dana lent a hand behind the scenes whilst everything was being set up ,and Mal mad sure we had plenty of laughs !

1500L was on the board for best in beachwear and Dj Roach played some fun summer music wearing not much more than his yellow rubber ring.Not to be out done by Zymo though who had not one but three yellow rubber rings ! Bigga was caught show us he had other talents except designing and building by strutting his stuff for us !

We welcomed regular faces and new ones , the shark proved tricky if you wanted a swim , the slide being a safer option.

The guy in the pink thong turned up again , he seems to like getting in on the photos but we still haven’t worked out just who he belongs to.

Drinks flowed all night and late into the evening ,with some people staying behind to soak up the party atmosphere and chill, I just didn’t want it to end .

P.S. Still finding sand in places 😛

Sun ~

Snapshot_041WENDY MAL DANAZYMO BEACH 2014Snapshotbeach party_004BIGGA 4TH BEACH .Snapshotbeach party_007WINTER 2014 BEACHSnapshotbeach party_009Snapshotbeach party_0170-Snapshot_064 BIGGA BEACH

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