Beach Party at Green Man Pub

February 9, 2011 • News

We had a Beach Party tonight at Green Man Pub for DJ Mia’s Wackie Wedz set.

Fun group of people were there including Coaches n Horses Manager, aarons, who enjoyed a splash in the kiddy pool. Though he made it half beer and half water as the night wore on.
DJ (and GM Manager) Mia played a mix of tunes, many themed at summer and water and surfing as well as some fun songs.
Was alot of skin to be seen as the contest was best in Beachwear so men were without shirts (and some in shorts) and the ladies had bikinis on.
Always a fun time at the Green Man Pub. Friendly staff, friendly pub regulars, great DJs and music.
Be sure to check the Green Man Pub out.

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