Big Ben – A Brief History of Time by Jas (Blog 288)

December 31, 2015 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Music, News, People

In the London Sims, as with real-life London, our celebrations of the New Year

revolve around the chimes of Big Ben. So, as we plan our events for this evening ,

I thought I`d give you some info on the iconic London landmark.
pre new year_004 (2)
How many of you knew, for example, that in the shadow of Big Ben, Sexy Brits club

has a massive crown high up on the roof? In a monarchic(?) coincidence I was on

the roof to take a picture of the Elizabeth Tower (known to most in RL and SL as Big Ben),

when I discovered it. Perhaps it`s a nod to our Queen or just a symbol of pure Britishness.

The Real-life Big Ben itself is,  of course, the huge bell that chimes from the tower.

Pictured below it was made in 1858 and placed in the tower in 1859.



However, the success of the bell was, sadly, not equalled by the pairing of it with a

massive hammer. Just a few months of striking and it caused a huge crack in the bell.

Big Ben wasn`t used again for another three years -until they could build a lighter hammer,

and turn the bell around so that it would be struck in the non- damaged section.

The chimes have never rung perfectly since – thanks to the large crack remaining.

There are no such inrachel host_001 (2)perfections in Second Life, so we can hear the familiar Ding-Dongs of our Big Ben strike at midnight in the highest of definitions.

 DJ Adam Dixon (below,) is on the decks in Hyde Park, and I couldn`t swear who the host is going to be, but Rachel (left) certainly seemed to be getting into the colourful party spirit the last time I saw her! 

Snapshot_016 (3)
So, as old Father Time hands over the reins to the New Year Child (as pictured below, left),

tFather time 7765here`s no better place to celebrate than the London Sims.


Happy New Year scrolls from Dege and Milner (1912)



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