Arcade in London Mayfair

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Arcade in London Mayfair

Remember all those retro arcade games? Well you can now play them all in London Mayfair. Bigga brought the arcade into Mayfair. Just like the Trocadero in Piccadilly Circus, the arcade comes to London Mayfair and is right in the middle of London Mayfair’s shopping district. If you want to take a break from shopping to experience some retro fun, or just have a laugh then Bigga’s Arcade’s the place to come.

arcade games

Trocadero in Piccadily Circus

 Arcade Games

Have a go at games like ‘Whack a Mole’, ‘Cosmic Defender’, ‘Cruise Control’, ‘Freestylers Groove’, ‘Pac Man’, ‘Bomber Jack’, ‘Donkey Kong’, ‘Capcom’ and loads more. Bring your friends along and have a head-to-head on the multi player games.

Try Freestylers Groove Arcade Game

How smooth are your moves? Step up to the stage and show us your stuff! Freestylers:Groove is a game of timing and beat matching, tapping arrow keys in a steady pulse to keep the dance flowing. Do well, and you’ll steal the spotlight — do badly and get booed off the stage! Do you have what it takes..?


Freestylers Groove Arcade Game

The modern arcade trend of musical games will challenge your sense of timing, your reflexes, and your physical prowess. If you enjoy this game, scope out other music games from companies like Konami, for home consoles and arcades!

Before you try it, remember this game is particularly heavily hit during laggy / packet-lossy times in Second Life. If arrows start getting stuck, arrow inputs aren’t landing in time, and you lose… don’t blame us, we didn’t invent the internet!

The longer you last, the more stages you reach. For reaching Stage 5, you earn a “Style Point”, and then earn one for every other stage after that. You also can earn Style Points for reaching a 75 combo streak!

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