Biker Night at Northcliffe Coyotes!!!

March 4, 2014 • Business, Entertainment, Merchant Spotlight, Music, News, Social Media

There was plenty of leather, great music, sexy conversation and hot chicks last Wednesday at Northcliffe Coyotes in London Sims! Northcliffe Coyotes and club owner Wendy Helstein hosted Biker Night with guests of honor, The Gators MC and a great time was had by all! Music was supplied by Londons own DJRave and the sexy Coyote Dancers shared the bar with many of the Gators MC ladies… the eye and ear candy was PLENTY!

 photo WelcomeGator_zpscb73524e.jpg

DJRave was a favorite among the ladies, playing some hot tunes and sending the patrons some rather sexy emotes, giving the Coyote Ladies a run for their money! But the gals gave quite the show of their own! Leather clad bums and signature Coyote hats and boots paired with some serious Coyote flirting had everyone hot and bothered! The Gator MC gals brought major hotness as well! Looking right at home up on the bar and shaking their stuff, these ladies know the meaning of the word fun!

 photo Gator2_zpsc33a517f.jpg

DJRave along with two of the Gators MC gals rocking the house on Biker Night.

 photo Gators1_zpsa1704e64.jpg

DJRave and the Coyote Girls along with the ladies from the Gators MC rock the bar with
their sexy moves.

Everyone on the dance floor was getting in on the fun as well! Little did they know that Wendy was keeping an eye out for who was interacting the most with all of the lovelies and that person would be in store for a fabulous prize donated by Hogs and Cart Wheels owned by Gators MC President Hellbone Barbosa.

 photo Gator4_zpsec2e1587.jpg

Everyone having a great time at Northcliffe Coyotes Biker Night!

 photo Gator5_zpsbdbf4a48.jpg

The prize of the night…a motorcycle donated by Hellbone Barbosa from his store Hogs and Cart Wheels.

London Hub regular Fred (chrysler.eyre) was the winner by unanimous decision and has been invited by the Gators MC to ride with them anytime! Congrats, Fred!

 photo Gator6_zps661a5f75.jpg

The winner of the Motorcycle at Biker Night, Fred (center in flag Tshirt) enjoying the event!


A little information on The Gators MC: (taken from their awesome blog! You can find it here!

“Gators Mc is a small, very close-knit family of men and women who love to ride, play, laugh and in some cases, work together as we journey down the highways of Second Life.”

“We strive to treat others better than we expect to be treated in return. We respect property when we are visiting sims and lands belonging to other MCs. We even build friendships and bonds outside the biker
community with individuals and groups or clubs. We are not a role play club and to the best of our knowledge, we have no enemies. We do however have many allies and even more friends.”

 photo thegatorsDec2013Mooded_zps90ab3ce1.jpg

Gators MC image courtesy of Rudhmellowen Laguna.

 This is an amazing group of people and I am so happy to have gotten the chance to hang out and enjoy a night of fun with them! Thank you to The Gators and to Wendy Helstein and Northcliffe Coyotes for an awesome time! Check out Northcliffe Coyotes when you’re in London!

You will love it!








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One Response to Biker Night at Northcliffe Coyotes!!!

  1. Rudhmellowen says:

    Thank you so much for having us, and this amazing write up… Everyone is welcome at the Gators MC… If you have any interest in bikes, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned rider in SL or RL! We’re always willing to help anyone who wants to learn!
    We loved the night so much, it’s been something we’ve been talking about for a while! Bring on the next one hehe…

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