Birthday Celebrations Cake Hunt – Day 2

July 20, 2016 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, News, Second Life

Birthday Celebrations continue

Birthday Celebrations Winners for day 2 of the Cake Hunt.

Birthday Celebrations Cake hunt was well attended, with 45 people playing the game. the hunt remains popular and very competitive.

Birthday Celebrations

Winners Tan (right) and Sky (left)

Today’s winner was Tan who squished almost 10,000 cakes. The first runner up was Sky, who is also in the picture above.

Birthday Celebrations

Tan the winner today

Tan won $100 Lindens for his success. The money was well earned at over 9,000 cakes.

Cake Problems

I hope he didn’t get too much cake stuck to his feet. They can be really sticky so need wiping off regularly.

Someone complained to Debs about the mess on their shoes and had to go and wipe it off in the grass. I guess they could have eaten it instead? Squishy cake tastes better than anything else in the world.

Birthday Celebrations

Anty Cake

Keira also got complaints about the number of  flies and wasps infesting the park with all these cakes left around. Apparently the ants were also climbing all over them and they didn’t look very tasty with all those bugs crawling all over the cake.

More Hunting

Birthday Celebrations

Sky Cake Hunting again

Sky was very keen to get back on the board ready for the new competition for Wednesday. Sky was out there squishing more cakes as soon as the board was reset for another round. Good luck Sky. Hope to see you as winner for Wednesday.


London’s Birthday is Celebrated this week by a cake hunt and squishing competition. Every day there’s $100 Lindens to be won for the one who has squished the most cakes. To squish a cake, you can stand on it, touch it, or even simply click on it. The cake will disappear in a puff of smoke and you will get a point. Try your luck at squishing cakes and win $100 Lindens now!

Top 10 winners for Tuesday

1tanoaj (aj1tano1aj)8917
2ѕку ѕαяαנєт (SkyKeki)1612
3Alan Laroway1104
5jоêêy тяоuвlê Våнêя (Joeey Vaher)718
6Minx (Minxeletra)446
8Violetta Rhys (ViolettaRhys)248
9Drazen Graves244

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