Black n White affair Coach and Horses

August 11, 2011 • Uncategorised

The pub had a Black n White affair on Thursday with DJ Pyp.

Everyone showed up in their favorite black n white outfit, or all black or all white was allowed as well.
DJ Pyp played a variety of great tunes that kept everyone dancing.
The board started at 300L, then Manager Mia Deluca arrived half hour or so into the event and raised it to 500L. Then a little bit later, when the board got to a 2nd page, the Host Cath and DJ Pyp raised the board yet again making it an 800L prize board.
Lots of dancing, mingling, couples dancing, and fun happening.
A pub regular even broke out of jail to come party with everyone. Even though he had to carry his ball and chain to get there.
Be sure to check out C&H Pub sometime when your on the London Mayfair Sim. Reg pub hours when there is a live DJ are 1:30-:30p slt every day but Friday. Fridays the Pub has late night UK hours and a DJ 3-5p slt. And the Pub has no events on Sundays.
Here are a few shots from the event:

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