Bliss Aurora Sinister- Composer and her Bella Vida Studio in Mayfair by Jas (Blog 220)

January 17, 2014 • Merchant Spotlight, News, Shop Rentals

Yesterday I decided to check out what else we have in Mayfair (in the London Sims), and I came across a great new photo place in Oxford Street. It`s called  “Bella Vida Studios”, and is run by Bliss Aurora Sinister-Composer (blissaurora). I had a long chat with Bliss about herself and her studio.

Snapshot_053 (7)


Firstly, I asked Bliss how long she had been on Second Life. She replied that her current avatar was only a year old, but that she had been here under a previous persona for a year before that. ” I just stumbled across (Second Life) one day really- I`d never heard of it before,” she laughed “but , I was searching for MMORPGs and there it was.”

(MMORPG = Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game.)

I wondered if Bliss had started her business straight away when she joined. She said “this is my first official business in SL”, but added ” I`ve done pictures for friends and family- gosh – since I first logged in!” She continued ” I`m hoping the store will allow me to expand my client base….and I love meeting new people – hearing their stories.” I asked her what it was about the London Sims that had made her want to set up her studio here, and she answered that her “sister actually suggested the area”,adding ” she has a shop here, and says she has done well.” She also pointed out what a ” well established area” we have here in the London Sims.


Snapshot_054 (6)

I wanted to know Bliss` future plans for the business, and she shared that she is “going to be opening a clothing store, and may put an in-world shop as well- both under the name Bella Vida.” She pointed out that if she does “open an in-world store, it would most likely  be in London, too, as I love the  atmosphere and customer service here”. We would be pleased to have her. The t-shirt Bliss was wearing (see below) is one of her designs – and I loved it. Generous Bliss promptly gave me one,when I said how nice it was.

Snapshot_050 (5)

“When I`m not working”, she smiled, “I`m with my family here in SL. I have an awesome hubby, the best kids anyone could ask for and a wonderful and supportive family here.” Bliss` hubby  Machine Gun Kapone (doom.composer) was also at the studio when I arrived, and I caught a quick snapshot of them together (see below). Oh, and- apologies for the poor quality of my pictures, which I`m acutely  aware of when blogging about a photo studio!

Snapshot_049 (2)

The final two questions I asked Bliss were “What are some of the strangest things  you have seen or experienced in SL” and “If you could invite anyone from real life into SL who would it be and why”. She paused slightly before answering that the cannibal sim was probably the strangest, and that she would invite the singer Missy Higgins into Second Life, explaining that she would” have a much easier time going to one of her shows” here. Good idea Bliss-let`s invite her!

I found Bliss to be a lovely and creative person, who I was delighted to add to my friends list. She has offered a PROMOTIONAL HALF PRICE PROFILE PICTURE SESSION for anyone who goes into the studio and mentions this blog, by the way. So, you see, there are benefits to reading my blogs after all!!


Snapshot_028 (8)

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