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October 9, 2014 • Beauty & Fashion, Girl Stuff, Merchant Spotlight, News, Second Life, Shopping

Body Image Parts Missing!

You may not have noticed but in Second Life, people’s ‘parts’ are missing!

body image

Missing Parts!

This may come as a shock to you but it’s true. Many organic parts are missing from Second Life avatars. These include skins, ears, nose nostrils, eyelashes, toes, fingernails and more intimate parts too.

How do we cope without having our extra parts? Well, we buy them!

The real world is looking at this option now, laboratories are growing parts of the body for replacement, enhancement and addition. Perhaps virtual worlds like Second Life are just leading the way? It’s good to think we’re ahead of the curve!

 Suggested Parts you Might Want to Add

Midnight Lotus does all sorts of body parts. It does all the essential intimate parts you will need in your Second Life as well as other enhancements. Apart from mens and womens’ genitals, ears are a big hit for Midnight Lotus. The come in many shapes and sizes but all are carefully crafted in fine quality.

body image

Ears all shapes and sizes just L$299

Midnight Lotus recently relocated from London Nights into London Mayfair. Their new store facing the park is proving to be very popular.

Skins and More

Another store that is very popular is Bliss Skins. These subtle quality skins have been a big hit with Londoners and newcomers alike.

body image

Bliss Skins. Awesome looks for low low prices!

Very attractively priced, at just L$1 – perfect for all users because of the quality and great for new users because of the price!

 Hair Care

Dr Life has some great hair styles to suit all occasions. $350 is the typical price for the styles. However they are really worth it. You won’t get better hair anywhere else in Second Life.

body image

Part of Dr Life’s huge selection of hair





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