Bored Again

September 11, 2014 • Culture & Community, News, People, Second Life, Social Media

Why Should I Make The Effort?

I suggest that people who are bored are looking to be entertained by others, without putting any effort into it themselves. But really, why would you want to be entertained when you can make your own entertainment and make it a perfect fit for you?


Let Me Entertain You!

Second Life is full of creativity where you can make your own entertainment and be a main player in your own story. Why join a game where you just follow the same old path everyone else has taken and copy the same old goals? To me, that’s boring.

If I get Bored, I’m Going To Rebel

Also, why Troll? If anything is boring and dull, trolling is. Everyone’s seen it before and yawns as soon as the troll get there. It’s one thing that people who claim to be bored resort to. Being a nuisance. It’s odd really that childish behaviour is seen as fun. It’s probably also an indication of immaturity and the desire to go back to their childhood where it’s safer. But for the people they’re trolling..


Bye bye Troll

Quick flick of the eject button and they’re gone and forgotten. It would be much better to hang around, get to know people and hang out with people with the same interests that you have.

How Can I Entertain Myself?

People growing up today are so used to having entertainment provided for them, they don’t know how to do it for themselves. The consequence of this is that it is that a good number of youths out there tend to be impulsive. This isn’t good for keeping interested. (It’s true that the people who complain of being “bored” are mostly young males or females.)


Entertainig Yourself

Too much leisure time is another problem. And, this is true across the age groups. Idle time leads to complaining. (Sometimes I’m glad to hear the ‘I’m bored’s’. At least it means that really bad behaviours haven’t been considered yet and they have a chance to find something interesting that’s not going to mean the get excluded from so many places.)





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