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September 11, 2014 • Advice, Culture & Community, News, People, Second Life, Social Media

Boring Second Life

Boring is the think that gets said to me too often. This is boring, there’s nothing to do in Second Life, everything’s boring etc etc.


Shall I Bother?

This is boring, that’s boring, and everything is boring. To these people I ask “so what’s not boring – what do you want to do that’s not boring?” They reply “something that’s interesting”. So I asked them what kind of thing is interesting to them personally. They say “I don’t know, something that’s interesting.” As there are tons and tons of different things to do in Second Life, I can’t imagine how these people find Second Life boring. Maybe it’s their age?

I’m Bored Because I Can’t Be Bothered

No, seriously, it’s a fact that an adolescent brain is developing and evolving and need constant stimulation. They don’t have any idea how to entertain themselves and don’t have the patience or the ability to concentrate long enough to learn a skill. So they’re bored. ZZzzzz.

I Want You to Entertain Me

They look to everyone else on Second Life and other places to amuse them and entertain them. Maybe they should open their eyes a bit wider and not be so lazy. All they have to do is walk a little further and there are heaps of things to discover in London and all over Second Life.


Clubbing and making friends

Second Life is full of interesting things. There are thousands of role play communities, hundreds of hunts, places to learn, communities to get involved in, games to play, rides to go on, cars to drive, boats to sail, planes to fly, shops, homes, and people to meet.


Making Friends

There’s Sci-fi. Fantasy, History, Modern, and a whole lot more to explore. Jus dropping into one place because people are there and standing there listening and making snide comments isn’t entertaining. It’s also annoying for the poor people who are on the receiving end of their boredom.



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