Bots in London!!

September 7, 2014 • Entertainment, Music, News, Second Life

Bots Invade Planet Earth!

For the first time ever, London has 50 bots in the same place.. shocking?? YES !

The Invasion took everyone by surprise. Different bots were arriving and shocking the poor residents of London. There was no room to move in Planet Earth as bots swarmed in to fill the room.

Robots Invade Planet Earth

Manager LabRat looked very worried. He had no choice but to appease these metal monsters with a competition. So ‘Best Robot’ was born and the bots started dancing as usual to DJ Ali’s vibes.

LabRat looking worried

Bots Take Over Planet Earth

Planet Earth is now having a Best in Robot contest with DJ Ali called in to play the sounds that will calm the bots and host Morgan doing her best to make sure none of them got carried away and started exterminating one another.

Estate Manager Jason Keegan outside Planet Earth

The place became crowded out with bots. Humans and non-bots daren’t even go inside. Even Jason had to think twice before he entered the building.

Scary Bots and Fembots

 Bots Compete Against Each Other

Bots will not compromise and demanded to have one outright winner instead of many smaller prizes.

20140906 robots_023

Competition calms robots down

There were all kinds of robots in the competition. Scary Robots, Sexy Robots, old robots and brand new robots. There was even at least one famous robot there.

Scary Robots

The chosen winner was DarkFallenAngel1993 Resident who got 5 votes and received L$500 winnings.


DarkFallenAngel1993 Resident as a robot

 Doctor Who Battles Robots Too On Planet Earth

While Labrat and his team are busy combating the wrath of the robots in Second Life, Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi is also busy fighting robots off Plant Earth in Robot Of Sherwood.

Doctor, Robin and Clara

Today Doctor Who was seen helping Robin Hood battle the evil sheriff and his army of robot soldiers.


Like Second Life, the robots crash landed into the party. They were then trying to defeat the enemy (the humans). In this case, the Doctor saved the day. Fortunately it all turned out well even though the Doctor battled Robin with a spoon at some point.



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