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January 12, 2016 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Music, News, People

To celebrate the life and songs of the late great David Bowie we, at Sexy Brits, had an impromptu party last night. The event`s host Kody (above) had a little bit of the look of Bowie about him, I thought. Or maybe it was just hard to think of anyone else with DJ  Dundrix (below, left) spinning Bowie`s iconic tunes.
blue sexy brits Kody_004 (2)Snapshot_002 (6)
 My avie Jas sings “Planet Earth is Blue and there`s nothing I can do”.

(from “Space Oddity”)

People were surprisingly emotional at the event. For myself I don`t know if it was the fact that Bowie was exactly the same age as my parents are-or the fact that his songs affected my teenage years so much- mainly because my brother played nothing but them for many years. It just felt like the end of an era to hear of David Bowie`s death yesterday- an era that seems to have come to an end far too soon. Oh dear, I`m really showing my age now!

Snapshot_005 (3)

  It wasn`t just me either, after we held a minutes silence in memory of the artist Bowie, some of the others admitted to feeling a little weepy.

 “My little CSnapshot_004 (8)hina girl,

  You shouldn`t mix with me,

  I`ll ruin everything you are.

  I`ll give you television,

 I`ll give you eyes of blue,

   I`ll give you men who want to rule the world”

( from China Girl)

After “Ashes to Ashes” was played we decided that there had been enough melancholia, though.

And, as things tend to do in Second Life, things started to take on a more surreal edge.

My mind, however, was still on Bowie songs and I seemed to see his lyrics in everything.

For instance, when DJ Matthew arrived in full army gear (below, left), saying he was looking for terrorists( as you do), although I advised him him to look under the sofa (as you do), I could genuinely only think of the song “Heroes”.

matthew_001 (2)wiccy_006 (2)
“We could be heroes -just for one day”

 And when sorting pictures of the night before`s event upon spotting a picture of London`s old friend Wiccy, who had come to party with us, my only thought on looking at the shot (above, right) was of the song “Starman”!

“There`s a star man waiting in the sky,

He`d like to come and meet us, but he thinks he`d blow our minds”.

At the end of the evening we all did the conga, and I have to think that Bowie would have approved. Perhaps not of the dance itself, but of the spirit of life that we had. 

So, along with the pictures of our London Sims communal dance and in memory of the times when a festival wasn`t something  about financial gain, but was about music and togetherness (yes, I really am an old hippy at heart!) – here`s some final Bowie lyrics: 

“Gathered in the dampened grass, We played Our songs and felt the London sky
Resting on our hands..

conga_005 (2)

“..Oh, to capture just one drop of all the ecstasy that swept that afternoon
To paint that love upon a white balloon…

conga_006 (2)

“The Sun Machine is coming down and we`re gonna have a party.”

Memory of a free festival


conga_009 (3)

RIP DAVID BOWIE – 1947-2016- Your music will always live on in Britain!



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