Bubbles – Bringing Underground Back To London by Jas (Blog 279)

November 21, 2015 • Entertainment, Music, News

Last night saw the opening of a new club in Mayfair in the London Sims.

Rodherik Klutus (pictured, above), the clubs owner and manager says

he wants to bring the alternative music scene back to our sims.

When I asked him, last night, what he felt his he would be doing by opening this club,

he quickly replied ” bringing the underground back to London where it belongs”.

bubbles- dj nels_003 (2)


Bubbles` opening night was a marathon event

– with 4 DJs.

There were so many people there that it was hard to get pics, but finally I got some – like this one of DJ Nels on the decks.
                           The clubs decor was amazing, as you can see from the few shots I got.Bulle Gif Rose.gif     rodherik klutus 2_002 (2)

bubbles- dj nels_003 x_001 (2)
Bulle Gif Rose.gif      So, then,this morning, I started to think about  songs with bubbles in the lyrics.

And here`s my top five P in a CircleO in a CircleP in a CircleExclamation-mark-1-animated(get it?) tunes which have a bubbly link.


At this weeks..,

..Kreis5.svg its  Hans Olaf Heyerdahl - Boy Blowing Bubbles

The Pogues with “Smell of Petroleum”

“The bats are in the belfry, And the bubbles in the bong
The secret of the universe, Is hidden in this song.”

(not sure that`s the kind of pipe Heyderdahl meant in the above painting!)

At     Four4.gif     Chaplin-Blowing Bubbles


it`s Shampoo with “Trouble”

“Uh, oh, we’re in trouble, something’s come along, And it’s burst our bubble.”


K-3.svgBoy Blowing Bubbles Edouard Manet

(cause it`s a “Magic Number”) it`s De La Soul and “With Me”

“My mail, pop up like some bubbles found on VH-1, Also need the math to your color pH-1”
Our penultimate bubbly song is at number

Ishihara 2.svg          And it`s Paul Simon with “Boy in the Bubble”.

Jean-Baptiste Siméon Chardin 022.jpg

“Thinking of the Boy in the Bubble, And the baby with the baboon heart.”

Of course the predictable leader of the charts is at…

Sheet music cover - I'M FOREVER BLOWING BUBBLES - SONG (1919)

It`s Dean Martin (and others) with.. (altogether now)..
Bulle Gif Rose.gif     “I’m forever blowing bubbles -Pretty bubbles in the air.”

As usual, I have digressed. Go and check out SL  Mayfair`s new club Bubbles.

Skips off to have a bath singing ”  pretty bubbles everywhere”.

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